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  1. way2overhyped

    Bluehole should be embarassed - Xbox X issues

    months ago, turning HDR off helped framerate these days nothing helps framerate is bad on xbox x, very noticeable when ADS
  2. way2overhyped

    Patch #17 Feedback topic (LIVE SERVER)

    game cant hit 30 fps on XBOX X anymore, I am personally done
  3. way2overhyped

    The future of Consoles: Performance

    some people are too selfish and too ignorant to acknowledge that their consoles with trade-in value around 70$ needs to be replaced. I am seriously tired of it. unless u got some extreme form of disability u can make 500$ if u want with no problems. there s no excuse to not have xbox x. BF1 performs 1000x better on X than OG. this is all communist ideas that u want to have slowest car going as fast and as good as fastest car.
  4. lol these people, no wonder this country is on verge of civil war. no common sense logic,anything, u will be babbling about my paragraphs and yet u ignore facts I stated. again English is not my native language, so u can feel good about urself. who the hell cares? don't read it, I don't care if u do or don't. I want game fixed. oh so Xbox X has some advantage at beginning of game so then we must be screwed in mid/late game??? stupid foliage screwing identification of targets, providing cover for S/OG users, because it s NOT rendered for them. one of my first games I was crawling throught tall grass for few minutes then got killed and then I did research and I found out that foliage doesn't even render for distance like that for OG/S, but it will render on X. balanced. lower graphics, less crap, effects etc, on screen EASIER identification of targets= HUGE ADVANTAGE anyone who expects PUBG to run FULL HD 1080p on XBOX OG or S is BRAINLESS IGNORANT Xbox One was underpowered at release day 2014, 50% less power than PS4, Battlefield 4 ran 720p, SW:Battlefront ran 720p, and those games I think had 64 max players and couldn't even make it to FULL HD, so how the hell u expect badly optimalised game, which needs a LOT resources, to run SMOOTHLY at 1080p xbox S is slighty more powerful than OG, but even Microsoft coudlnt use that in advertising because difference was really small. I don't understand why they even made Xbox S. so I don't care what dumb people on forums vomits all around, facts re facts they re wasting MY time, YOUR time, THEIR time, money, resources trying to fix PUBG for OG/S while they re neglecting Xbox X. they should probably go with 720p for OG/S and 1080p for Xbox X but no, Xbox X is forced 4k. Xbox X advantage BLAH BLAH BLAH VOMIT VOMIT BLAH BLAH game runs like CRAP on Xbox X compared other games, it s not EVEN STABLE 30FPS. and then u have stupid game I really hate called Fortnite which runs 60fps and it s like day n night difference. Pubg Xbox X can probably run at 60fps, if they made 1080p but first users must ask for it and obviously this community is so great, judging from reading post here n there, so u will be just relentlessly attacked for speaking truth and stating facts. yes it s free country u can go and start bitching why is PUBG not on Xbox 360 or that u paid 500$ for Xbox One OG with Kinect in 2014, but sorry it s piece of crap, Microsoft screwed that console with cheap graphics card and I feel ur pain because I have OG Xbox too, but to expect that PUBG will be running good EVER on it , it s pure FOOLISHNESS. it wont. unless u want to have port of mobile version as they did with GTA SanAndreas. then it might run well. I want to have game balanced I never said I want to have any advantage. I want stable FPS and if possible give us graphics settings, I wont mind playing with graphics settings for OG/S, I don't need all of these fancy effects, foliage and other crap which just obscure my view and make me less effective. it s not my fault that buildings render for 2minutes for u. I barely play this game, because changes for Xbox X experience are almost none for months. I watch captures from friend who s PUBG addict on Xbox OG everyday, I can see difference between these two versions. but I wont be repeating myself. Xbox X is great machine. it s worth much more than 500$. games are great on it. PUBG on Xbox X sucks, because I am not here watching foliage, trees, country, but identify, kill and regroup. so anyone who is not lazy and can earn 500$ please get it, u wont regret. everyone else who doesn't want to work and be lazy and sit in parents basement, vote for communists,democrats or something I am not gonna bother with this topic anymore, seeing this much stupidity and ignorance I really wonder how much longer can they play this game: "We re fixing it", new games are coming and I sure as hell wont be sticking around when they put me at disadvantage and did nothing for me in months
  5. only good think on ZX spectrum was Elite. I will stick with my ATARI 800XL.
  6. lol. I don't think it bro it s real. if u cant tell difference it s ur problem. if u cant get a job or earn money that s ur problem too. I think it s borderline stupid and ignorant to expect that game as PUBG (which is badly optimalised almost on every platform except maybe mobile) will run on piece of crap that OG Xbox is. stupid Microsoft with their stupid "oh it would be so awesome to control ur household with voice commands and u can play game and watch football OH OH and there u will get crappy ESRAM nobody can really use and it will be 50% crappier than PS4. AWESOME. (and how they silently removed SNAP feature, and got rid of Kinect LOL, awesome MS) and ppl crying about PUBG while their OG Xbox is worth what u pay monthly for internet, water, electrical bill. it s ridiculous anyone expects that on that slow piece of crap, which was already underpowered at 2013, anything so complicated like PUBG will run smoothly, come on wake up zombie. 500$ is very cheap price for Xbox X. I bought Alienware PC around 2011-12 and I swear to god I am never buying any PC ever again, much more expensive and it will get old in few months and PC developers don't give a damn about slower machines. anyway I am not telling uwhat to do or anything, so u don't tell me what to do either. I don't need that kindergarten bullcrap, thank u. PUBG team is wasting resources on Xbox OG, S, while they re neglecting XBOX X, I can see progress in months they done with OG,S while they barely did anything with XBOX X version. f*()&* 4K , give us 1080p AT LEAST
  7. u find gamertag that killed u, if he s done any captures, watch them and u can pretty much see on what system he is. I got friend who plays Pubg on Xbox OG and I am seeing his captures everyday and it s much more easier to spot target on OG than on Xbox X with all some extra graphics effects and other unnecessary crap
  8. i never really understood people on forums who go to somebody s topic and drop there some pearls of wisdom like "git gud" u know what, I wish that was true, if everything what s wrong with game was just me hahaha but u know if u re not mentally challenged u need to face facts: -PC pubg problem with netcode/lag compensation favouring foreign laggers (it s safe to say we got similar or identical netcode for our version) -bluehole/pubg corp constantly promising fixes, optimalisation, I mean if there s NOTHING wrong with game, why would they bother -it s EASIER to spot enemy on Xbox OG, S due to lower details, foliage draw distance or no foliage etc. (why I should be at disadvantage when foliage renders for me, but it wont render for OG/S. if I go prone in my rendered foliage it wont mean anything because it wont be rendered on OG/S Xboxes. and I wont see OG/S users, because my rendered foliage will be obscuring my view, while they can see me with no problem, it s bullshyte and not fair) PS- to all grammar Nazis, English is not my native language, so sorry and feel good about urself PS2- it s not just foliage, it s easier to spot people in buildings, windows etc due to lower graphics, WHY we cant have FULL HD graphics settings for Xbox X why we re forced to 4k???
  9. u know there s moment in ur life u realise there s something fishy going on I don't know what the heck happened but I am getting killed from close distance and I don't even hear enemy around its kinda interesting that in my headphones I can literally hear eyebrows of my character making sound but I guess I don't deserve as xbox x player to hear footsteps n movement of xbox OG, S players yes I checked who I got killed and then I see almost vector graphics from 80s in their capture, they must be on old welfare Xboxes (trade value on gamestop from 70$ to 100$ etc) and I don't understand why I am being punished to actually invest my hard earned money into Xbox X and that s not just that guy starts shooting at me, last 5-4 ppl, hit me few times, I hide behind tree, circle is right at his ass, he s sprinting and while he s sprinting I aim at him at start shooting, but magically in the middle of his sprinting he starts shooting and I m dead, what a load of horse manure and other crap like that like guy s hiding behind tree and somehow he I am getting hit even he s still behind tree and then I see he s finally peaking out, but it seems to me it s like he got latency 300ms, I mean come on what s this? region lock happening? what will be done with laggers? I start shooting guy who just looted air drop crate he s speeding away with car start shooting at him from house on top floor,he goes hide somewhere behind tree, I am hiding next to window looking around from 3rd person view, there s no chance he can know where I am, I see little dot on my 4k tv I start to aim with red dot there, BOOM headshot I am dead, Xbox OG/S user with that crappy blend graphics so I guess with such crappy low graphics u can me but I cant see u on 4k, balanced and fair, THANK U yeah it s game preview, but it s getting really annoying, fix this damn mess pls, thank u