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  1. which might be a smart decision. I do that a lot if area sucks for looting as 4 or if its hotdrop, after 10 games in a row where 2-4 ppl died after 2 min. Had some games where I ended up winning, after 3 others went for hotdrop and just died. So no, stupid idea in my eyes ^ muting single players would be nice, thats it.
  2. seeing shroud playing on stage someone in Chat said he better brings his hacks now
  3. cula

    TPP vs FPP

    After about a thousand hrs of fpp I started to play tpp again, when Sanhok pass got released. I like it, more tactical possibilities and save plays. I dont enjoy camping so our 1st map can have some pretty nasty end zones, but desert map is pure fun. And yes, defensive plays are strong but most of the time there are ways to flank or push with throwables. Even cheater problem in tpp seems way better, met 1 cheating squad in last 4 weeks, nothing else.
  4. did start playing random Groups, more fun than expected. sure 50% of the time Team is toxic or not speaking but i never got Team killed and had some really good and fun Matches. NA seems way more random "friendly" than EU btw.
  5. Feels like this is a real thing on EU, thats why im Always playing on NA when I wanna Play squad (with random ppl) it`s most of the time 2-3 ppl Talking but still way better, guess just because not every 2nd guy doesnt want to speak english.
  6. this just shows how little of a difference it makes. I usually dont see ppl killing with sprays I couldnt do myself without macros. Dont get me wrong, sure it sucks but it would be far worse if esp or aimbot would be that common. Don`t feel the big influence of macros cause 99.99% of the time position and reaction decides
  7. sorry, I was talking more about cs go. I dont know if you cant use macros in cs. But who cares about that if other cheats can be used. Dont feel like ppl really using macros. Some streamers comming to my mind but idk if they are doing it. Would be very encouraging for their viewers to use the same stuff. But yea, like i said: I dont feel like a lot of ppl using macros. Got like 1700 hrs and wonder if I might have died a single time because of this kind of cheat…
  8. who needs macro when you can play with esp and aimbot ^ but ppl are seeing way more hackers than there are in reality. Even I was called a hacker when a random team mate spectated me and I am soooo far away from every decent streamer i know, just rediculous. But he was 100% convinced Did not Play the Event but playing NA fpp and tpp and never seen less cheaters during last weeks.
  9. cula

    Cheating Discussion

    Killed two teamers in a solo match, made video and used report site. Got a message that they would check it. And yes, temp bans for teaming are common and I wouldn't use in game reports.
  10. cula

    Cheating Discussion

    Feels like a lot of ppl think macros are used when sprayed down from more than 5m ^
  11. cula


    Yo shooting down those things would be fun
  12. Cause not everyone can find a good amount of active ppl that speak same language, are on kind of same skill level and don't behave like dicks. Even more difficult if you are not being able to play on prime time and not from China or English speaking country. Playing in random teams is already punishing enough, for like 95% of the time.
  13. Lots of ppl do. If you are not playing in prime time on eu for example it's hard to find ppl that speak your language and fit as a gaming partner. Looking for 3 or more of those is more frustrating than playing a thousand matches with random ppl
  14. cula

    The game is unplayable duo.

    My English sucks too but it's still enough for pubg and some small talk. Getting Asian guys over and over on na feels weird, never saw that before in fpp.
  15. Yea all right, keep linking your crying idols with your "rippubg" troll account, I am out. Have fun feeling importing while playing shroud translator in forum poor guy.