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  1. cula


    think ist pretty common that sounds from behind and front are pretty much the same cause your ears are at the sides of your head usually not a big deal since you can see in front of you and kind of have an idea what might be behind you, sice you are comming from that direction. got no issues with stereo and good card + phones.
  2. Irgendwie schwach dass es nur eine Entschädigung gibt, wenn man zu der Masse gehört die am 17.gebannt wurde. Warum macht man das nicht auch für Einzelfälle ? Naja BP sind noch zu verkraften, wäre es ein Skin o.ä. würde ich mich ärgern
  3. cula

    Schritte nicht zu hoeren

    zum glück noch nie gehabt, mit Granaten schon eher aber da habe ich auch kein Gefühl wie weit man das überhaupt hören kann ^
  4. just not true. Got perma banned 1 year ago for no reason, wrote bann appeal and got unbanned after 1 week.
  5. cula


    Me neither, na and eu top 100-200. Pretty sure I met 2 during the last 30 or 40 games but before that basically non for a few month.
  6. aiming on ppl that you did not spot once before and that are still hidden has nothing to do with broken replay stutters.
  7. perhaps ppl are to lazy to report with video proof on pubg site.
  8. 100% cheater. 50% winrate and k/d of 21 in solos PLUS your Video with lots of obvious bs situations makes it pretty clear
  9. Fpp? Im around solo rank 100-200 on eu & na, 1200hrs
  10. cula

    Make pubg Fun again

    Yea right, ppl are cheating cause the game is bad
  11. plenty of ppl got unbanned, just read the big threads before posting crap
  12. cula

    What is better fpp or tpp

    great 1st post, congratz ^^
  13. got banned 1 falseley ONE YEAR AGO, had to wait 1 week till I got unbanned. Don`t cry because you can`t Play for a few Hours... hope they caught a few real hackers at least and don`t have to unbann everyone
  14. cula

    Ready! Aim! Fire!

    So you don't get the difference between reaction time and bad gameplay? Gj.