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  1. Yeh, Miramir sucks balls so if you cannot add map selection please remove this ugly map.
  2. Siba23


    Shitty Miramir can't even touch Erangel lol.
  3. Are you sure this is not a mag you reloaded on your m4? You know that when you reload your weapon, an empty mag will be present on the floor? It has he same texture as extended mags.
  4. And energy drinks cannot activate rapid cell regeneration and heal bullet wounds...but this is a game. I doubt that BH had a mission to create "the most realistic game". There are games like Arma and Squad if you want realism and if that's not enough...well..you can join the army or something Games should be fun, therefore some realism must be sacrificed.
  5. Siba23

    NEW Weapon Suggestion: Drone

    What's next? Call in air strike? :DD
  6. Siba23

    The more BR games i play ....

    Imo the problem with other BR games is their unrealism. Games like Fortnite, fear the wolf, isles of nyne...they are all fantasy games with unrealistic weapons, sounds etc. And that does not appeal to many people (myself included). I always loved realistic games. I'm not saying pubg is very realistic as it's still far, far away from "the real thing", but it is as close as it gets for now.
  7. Siba23


    The point is that I do get Erangel no matter what. Even if I leave Miramar 2-3 times, I will still get Erangel sooner or later. EU servers are filled in seconds so I don't see how I can possibly get the same lobby and even if it ever happened, it doesn't concern me as I just leave again and re-queue. I simply dislike Miramar and I don't want to play it so I don't see how anyone can blame me for that. It's like if you would sometimes get coffee with salt instead of sugar and instead of getting a different cup, you would drink it because there is a probability you would get salt again. Just doesn't make sense to me.
  8. Siba23


    Like I said before - I never end up in the same lobby. This never happens as lobbies are filled very fast. Hopefully at some point bluehole will temp ban for stupidity which you spread with your nonsensical arguments.
  9. Siba23


    I don't see how his comment makes sense. I don't like Miramar, therefore I will not force myself to play on Miramar. His comment suggests that I am stupid because I don't like the map which is ridiculous.
  10. Siba23


    I always instantly leave matches with Miramar. Hate the map and it's really annoying to have to leave and re-queue every time.
  11. Siba23

    Mutant Mayhem Feedback

    The basic idea is OK, however without scopes (at least red dot) it's not that fun. My suggestions: 1. Everyone should at least have lvl 1 gear, including backpack and helmet. 2. Add scopes to make it more fun and viable. 3. Players should at least have some bandages as there is no way to heal as it currently stands. 4. It's always more fun have to two weapons than one. In my personal opinion, the best event mode so far was Desert Knights and if it was my will,it would have been every week. Another great one was with flare guns and armored uaz. Overall I suggest you guys create event modes that offer something that you cannot experience in the game in the normal mode. For example, event modes are always a lot more fun if you can respawn and giving players rare items which they rarely get in normal mode is also great fun. Thanks
  12. Siba23

    No EU region on Test Server? WTF?

    Even better lol. Why the fuck not include EU?
  13. Just downloaded 18gb to find out that for some reason the majority of players can't even test the game properly. Nice one blueballs...