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  1. LOL, made me laugh. America is a police state where freedom is just a word. Imo worst country to live in.
  2. USA is not the center of the world. It's the middle of the night so their update schedule seems fine. There are more people in EU and Asia so it makes sense...
  3. Hardly prime time at 2:45 am lol but still sucks
  4. 1. It was not a necessity 2. It was pure stupidity 3. Most people leave and re-join
  5. It was pure stupidity to remove map selection. People still leave and queue again until they get the map they want.
  6. "I don't want to be Chinese anymore" -hilarious :DD
  7. Siba23

    To much racism in PUBG

    Just turn off voice chat lol. There are always going to be people screaming nigger and other offensive-to-some "racist" words.
  8. Siba23

    Car physics

    Apparently this is how vehicles work in dev's world. Tiny rock? TIME TO FLY B***H!?
  9. Tss..It's already dead.
  10. It never takes longer than 30 sec for me to find a match. NEVER.
  11. There is no such thing as a better team in pubg, there is me, my mates and 90+ c***s. So if you can't win - ruin their experience.
  12. Well,I completely disagree. If you can't win, at least make sure you take as many as you can with you.
  13. Siba23

    How much fps do you get?

    144hz monitor and I usually get 80-144 fps with GTX970 and i7 6700k.
  14. What's the point if you can't kill someone's mate and ruin their game? Even if you die, at least you will spoil their game. Well worth it. So no thx.
  15. Anyone else noticed that vehicles have become dodgy af lately? The smallest rock and you are flying in the air, not to mention cars which levitate and murder you if you come close. What the f*** happened? Vehicles were in better state during early access then they are now. Overall, vehicle physics is extremely bad in this game and nowhere near realistic.