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    I love my red dots ❤️ , for range I will pick up the 3x but the moment I find anything above it, I will always drop it
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    What on earth have you done

    I think one of the reasons why they can't increase loot spawns, is because their servers would just go to complete shit in large towns. School and other high risk/"high reward" areas are laggy mainly due to a lot of people landing but also heavily due to a lot more loot being spawned in a small space like school and Hacienda. And the extra attachments not only take up loot space but also force people to look for the right grip for like half of the game, before you would just use vert for tapping and horizontal for spraying, and now you have to shuffle through tons of shitty grips to find the right one lol.
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    Sensivity on holo and red dot

    What exactly do you mean by issues?
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    Damit, I meant lvl 2, not 3. My bad
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    Hello Just wanted to ask if SLR dmg was nerfed or is it still the same, I know that SLR is able to 3 shot people with lvl 3 vest, but after playing with it today and killing a bunch of people I am no longer so sure about that. Wanted to hear from you guys if you experienced any changes or I just had bad luck and hit a lot of limbs (Hit a guy 4 times with SLR, all around upper body area, must have hit at least 2 if not all 4 shots on limbs because he definitely had lvl 1 vest, he still had 1/5 of his health) I say that I must have hit limbs in at least 2 of my shots presuming that the DMG hasn't been decreased.