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  1. FellowzD93


    Just checked his stats on pubg stat tracker and they are normal on that so must just be a game leaderboard fart ??
  2. FellowzD93


    Yeah I thought their was something fishy about it but not sure how he’s worked it maybe it’s just a glitch because it’s not like it’s giving him any sort of advantage because he is still 2nd place
  3. FellowzD93


    Posted about this yesterday but didn’t get a reply go onto his career and check his average survival time it’s like 7463 days
  4. FellowzD93

    In game leaderboards?

    Look at the playing time and average survival time theirs something very fishy about that
  5. Has any1 noticed this on the in game leaderboards I know not to name and shame so I covered their gamer tags but has this guy been traveling back in time?
  6. FellowzD93

    Player left out of squad

    Same with me and my squad around about the same time was comin up a small message below the matchmaking countdown saying “An error occurred”
  7. The lost connection to host has been replaced with “an error occurred” message then my squad mates get thrown into a match without me happened a few times with all 3 of us
  8. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    Best Iv had is an 8 kill game but my first ever chicken dinner took me 3 month with this game it takes a lot of time to start getting half decent at it since sanhok has been out Iv had about 6/7 wins on sanhok but that’s between all game modes (solo,duo,squads) but 3 solo sanhok dinners is my record right now
  9. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    I’ve had all the rendering issues and and loot spawn times are ridiculous if I hot drop especially hasienda so I like to in my words “warm drop” lol everything loads fine. Sanhok is smooth 90% of the time and I got a solo dinner on the first day
  10. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    My reply to that statement was along the lines of “you obviously don’t know much about this game to know that having a 1X is in no way an advantage in this game at this present time” damn salty noobs
  11. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    It is a mighty fine feeling when it happens
  12. FellowzD93

    Games starting with 40 players

    I’ve had a game start at 26 on EU but only when I’m playing at stupid times in the morning lol unfortunately I came 3rd
  13. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    It’s been my first time with hate mail and I feking loved it lol nothing better than knowing someone out their can’t handle the fact I ruined his day
  14. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    Oh trust me he was a salty loser he then went on to stating that his K/D was better than mine and that I had over a thousand hours play time and only 30 wins but yet I still outplayed him
  15. FellowzD93

    Being reported?

    So I was playing a solo the other day and came across another guy sitting just on top of a little cluster of rock next to the shore on west side of erengal. I popped him a few times and he dropped down behind the rocks I made a smart move and rotated round and blasted him again with the UMP. Obviously wrecked him and 2 minutes later I get a message saying “REPORTED” he was basically saying I was cheating somehow also stating that I’m a cheat because I use an Xbox 1 X which I don’t I’m on OG lmfao. My question is will they investigate the kill and see that I’m not actually cheating or is their a possibility that I will get banned for being smarter than another player?