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  1. FellowzD93


    You my friend are in the wrong place to be saying that pubg mobile is is better than Xbox version
  2. Am I the only one that thinks this bug should be fixed immediately rather than wait till it hits the live servers because this is a game changing issue the amount of times i have died because my sensitivity is f****d every time I ADS even if you can counter it by pressing RB we really shouldn’t have to adapt to a bug I really like the dynamic weather but this bug is making the PTS unplayable for a lot of players
  3. FellowzD93

    Bored, show me some epic clips!

    This guy had no idea their was a ninja close by https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wonkyfinger93/video/57346319
  4. FellowzD93

    7/31 “Hotfix”

    I’m in the IG Xbox and I play everyday but ever since this “hotfix” not once have I seen the match starting countdown most of the time I have to jump blind so it is seriously ruining the game for me
  5. FellowzD93

    Lost connection

    I am having exact same thing as if the ready up bug has been replaced with this but if I really had lost connection I would be kicked from my friends party which I don’t sometimes happens to me 4 times in a row
  6. FellowzD93

    Can't play Lost Connection to host

    I have been having same issue past few days aswell always saying lost connection to Xbox live but it still keeps me in the party it’s as if they have just replaced the ready up bug with this
  7. FellowzD93

    How would you utilize proximity chat?

    I would love for my victims to hear me laughing down their headset straight after I popped their head off with the kar98
  8. FellowzD93

    kills that made you chuckle

    Thought this double kill was hilarious even tho I died but in all fairness I should have killed both of them as hit the first player twice then headshot the 2nd just unlucky for me that I had no second weapon but then you can always rely on the good old matrydom https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wonkyfinger93/video/56361131
  9. FellowzD93

    We won! No wait. We lost..

    Exact same happened to me as well https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wonkyfinger93/video/56197005
  10. Will any of our cosmetic items from the test server be transferred over to the live server