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  1. EscapingKid

    Install size

    It's 19.1GB on PC, so it will be around the same size on PS4. Hope this answers your question!
  2. This bug has been fixed in Update #21.
  3. EscapingKid

    PUBG 1.0 Release

    You posted this in the wrong subforum.
  4. EscapingKid

    Crash when im trying to launch the game

    What are your PC specifications?
  5. EscapingKid

    I always have crash after new update

    Hi, the only solution is to turn off SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading,) which you have done already. There are no other solutions at this moment. They are fully aware of this problem, and are working to fix it.
  6. EscapingKid

    Today's replay dont work

    I'm pretty sure the replay somehow got corrupted. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to play it.
  7. EscapingKid

    Pan hit trough walls

    Hey, WackyJacky101 made a video about this.
  8. EscapingKid

    PUBG coud not connect

    I posted my comment yesterday. There were no announcements. Hovewer, you are correct. Although the PTS was only online for an hour or so. It was taken down since there are some issues with players not getting their G-Coin. They will be back online soon.
  9. EscapingKid

    Word of netcode fix?

    Yes. It's the same on both PC and Xbox. EDIT: to be absolutely clear, it's only kind of 60Hz. PUBG's servers send two packets instead of one at the same time, which means the servers are actually running at 30Hz. It just appears as 60Hz.
  10. EscapingKid

    Word of netcode fix?

    You do realize that is a very old article, right? It's from October last year. Watch this video and you'll see how much better the 'netcode' and tickrate is. (SPOILER: tickrate is stable 60Hz nowadays). You could also read this dev letter by PUBG THEMSELVES.
  11. EscapingKid

    PUBG coud not connect

    The Xbox Test Server is offline at the moment since there are no new game updates.
  12. EscapingKid


    They've said multiple times the matchmaking system isn't what it should be. Quote from FIX PUBG:
  13. EscapingKid

    PUBG Using Too Much CPU

    FIX PUBG is not an update, it's a months-long campaign.