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  1. no you dont understand...im not saying i want to play with 260 ping but it was better back then when i could actually talk to my team mates. i know what desync is and how it works.
  2. im not saying a 260 ping is good or ok. im saying i would rather this than not being able to understand anyone...ever.
  3. I would happily suffer the high latency if only i could communicate with my fkn team mates. There is no worse handicap than a team who all speak Chinese.
  4. 5 out of 6 games i have tried to join have had these fkn spam bots. The only one that didnt was because i was not teamed with anyone. Im done for today without even playing a game. OCE here btw. GET US OFF THESE FKN CHINESE SERVERS.
  5. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    It's Saturday afternoon and still all my team mates are chinese.
  6. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    i just look at the names and kinda figure it out. if im lucky 1 of them speaks some badly broken english
  7. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    chinese teammates chinese servers....all day every day....i get killed behind walls because of desync and in 1v1's i get 3 hits on them watch the replay and not 1 hit was registered......no wins in a long time......??
  8. HKhaos

    OCE Region

    thanks for the obvious no solution answer
  9. HKhaos

    The Language Barrier

    Hopefully it is better thought out than the first map selection patch
  10. How do i communicate with my team mates when they are now all Chinese due to server allocation?? Does PUBG corp have a response to this or is it a case of too bad?
  11. HKhaos

    New Server Allocation

    OCE Australia
  12. Kind of a good thing .... kind of a bad thing .... the lower ping is helping my stats buuuuutttt now i cant understand any of my team mates as they are all asian.
  13. HKhaos

    Cheating Chickens

    i reported him. im pretty sure his team mate would have killed me anyway
  14. Just got a chicken dinner but it #feelsbadman because i know i was teamed with a cheater. The only thing that gives me any satisfaction out of it was that i got the last kill of the game and it was a legit headshot with an AWM
  15. How about we fix the problem where enemies dont have their parachute visible to you even though they drop right next to you. I look all around me everytime i land and i dont know how many times someone has magically appeared in a building next to me with no visible sign of their chute.