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  1. ForOne814

    PC vs Xbox.

    Look at mobile version lul.
  2. Just remove the grass completely, this game was better when it didn't have grass. I mean the grass itself is badly made and doesn't even bend.
  3. ForOne814

    Plane in PUBG

    This game doesn't even work that way. Louder sounds don't cover quieter sounds, they just distract you from them. And it doesn't really work if you're listening.
  4. Еще раз: это сделано специально здесь, а в КС является дефектом интерполяции.
  5. В кс это связано с тем, что ты на сервере дохнешь раньше, чем на клиенте. А тут специально механика запилена, что уже летящие пули мертвых людей урона не наносят.
  6. ForOne814

    this game is broken?

    No, it doesn't. It only works with fists for some really weird reason.
  7. L2P lol, you have 20 more days.
  8. You know, different people have different hearing abilities. IRL I can hear people walking normally on asphalt from around 40 meters if there's no other sounds around. I always thought that footsteps are too quiet. I dunno why you can hear crouch-walking in the first place. It's kinda pointless as of right now.
  9. ForOne814

    in game damage

    1. Desync 2. Limb damage
  10. ForOne814

    Sahnok needs MM!

    Yeah, things were really shitty back then, I remember it clearly.
  11. ForOne814


    Well, Asians probably have around 300.
  12. ForOne814

    Paying for the new map

    No. That's not xbox section btw.
  13. ForOne814

    Make the guns look like this!

    Like civilian ones? Why?
  14. ForOne814


    Because they have no idea what they are talking about? I mean with these devs it's completely possible. Again, answer the question. If it's the reason of the lags then why EU servers don't do that every single time? They have to. At least half of the population of every server has more than 100 ping.
  15. ForOne814

    What was wrong??