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  1. DhickenChinner

    The thread for positive people only

    Only thing that works are the emotes...😂😂😂
  2. DhickenChinner

    Take Miramar back to testing please

    I actually haven't had a crashes yet, mind you I've only played 18 matches since the update. However the quality of my gameplay experience has dropped significantly. Now every single time I hit the ground after a drop I'm is stuck in a loading loop and any direction I try to move I'm send back right away. It lasts for about the same time as the rendering. Been getting punched out frequently because of this. (Since other players can move normally and I can't.)
  3. DhickenChinner

    2 militia crates

    I participated in every PTS atleast once or twice but haven't received any crates yet. Wondering if you or anyone else got them. Did you need to put in a certain amount of time on the PTS to get them?
  4. DhickenChinner

    what happens when the new map is released?

    Our two characters will perform the fusion dance and become one.
  5. DhickenChinner

    You Need To See This! (Crates)

    True. I just like black stuff.
  6. DhickenChinner

    Boats don't kill people

    Switch to a passenger position in the boat then you can use your guns to take out swimmers or other boat users.
  7. DhickenChinner

    People who snipe cars?

    A tactic I use to avoid being sniped the second I enter a vehicle is to always expect I will be shot at and try to throw the enemy off by pretending im about to enter the vehicle and if I can catch which direction the fire is coming from I can get off a few warning shots with an automatic and while they are reloading or re positioning I hop in and tear away. Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.
  8. DhickenChinner

    Which map do you prefer?

    Erangel baby born and raised. Miramar is good but it's not home.
  9. DhickenChinner

    Crate Purchasing

    I like the low drop rates. Just need more items mixed in. And higher returns for duplicates.
  10. Because more people have cellphones than xbox's.
  11. DhickenChinner

    crate opening tips and tricks?

    Save your BP until you have enough to buy 100 duplicates.
  12. DhickenChinner

    You Need To See This! (Crates)

    Give me something black and I'm happy. I don't care how rare or how common it is.
  13. DhickenChinner

    Stupidest game mode ideas?

    A GTA style race from 1 point of Erangel to the other with 1 vehicle per player randomly on the map and numerous red circles spawning everywhere. Everyone is auto ejected from the plane at the same time. Only weapons are spawned at chosen locations far away from the finish line along with the vehicles so players have to decide of its worth it to loot and gear up or get a head start. Could work with teams.
  14. DhickenChinner

    2 militia crates

    When do we recieve our 2 militia crates for participating in the latest PTS?