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  1. Roger 420

    Recoil buff on 556 guns

    no its not for complaining its for bugs. the recoil is not a bug, its here to stay. the recoil is working as intended. so no sense in complaining. unless I misread something and it says complaining thread.
  2. Roger 420

    Recoil buff on 556 guns

    umm this is a game not real life they make these changes to make it difficult and fair not to make life easier for you. you can't have a video game and pick somethings to be realistic and other not. should they change it so that when you get shot in a leg with a hand gun you are on the floor in agony and can't complete the game? adjust to the new settings and keep playing, all you have to do is get used to it and change play style. no sense in complaining these changes have been made long time ago and PC and they won't be changing. should they change it to be more realistic that you can't run at full sprint with all your gear for 5 min up and down mountains? fit a huge medkit in your pocket when you have no bag? take 5 shots with an AR survive and then bandage your arm and you are fine after?
  3. Roger 420

    Waste of time and money

    Actually his game was not released on the Xbox . This a pre released game, a game they let you play as the make the game. No half assing, they were up front about it. All games go through this process, we just don’t get to see it it’s behind the scenes. Everything you said makes no sense. Wait for the release to play it. Or play it not find bugs report them and make it easier and faster for them to get to a release.
  4. Roger 420

    In depth stat tracker

    How does this work ? Where does all the data come from . Just curious this is really cool
  5. Roger 420

    Seriously this is what we get?!

    What don’t you understand . They can’t fix all those problems in the time it would take for people to play . To fix all those test server problems you would have to stop playing it for months . They fix what they can get it out so people play and test while they fix it . This is the process of every game ever , diffence is your not a part of it
  6. Roger 420

    Seriously this is what we get?!

    You realize this is how all games are when they are being built . You just don’t get to see it becuase they don’t usually release games in development .Realistically this game wouldn’t come out for another 6 or more . Be lucky you don’t have to wait to play it , or just don’t play and wait the months . No ones forcing you . Report bugs in the bug thread . These posts are becoming a joke if you don’t get that .