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  1. Haha I did no videos . Try it your self and post one . Prove me wrong . You are just saying meaningless words .
  2. Yet o googled it and there’s no videos of the user using the cheat. Plenty of the PC side of things . People saying that are just stealing money and not doing anything. I did research there’s no one I can see using an actual cheat .
  3. I did google it there were no videos try it
  4. Shroud plays a diffent kind of game with stream snipers, he’s talking and reading chat. Avoid doses not even have that many wins, you can’t compare it to shroud he’s not playing the pubg eveybone else is.
  5. Yup what ever one says yet no one can show a video . And if no one can show a video or if it’s so hard to find that means ... 99.9 people are not cheating and you have probably never ran into one
  6. I don’t think there’s cheating on Xbox I have yet to see one video of this “radar” in action . And from the person using radar’s perspective not the person getting killed perspectives. You can see videos like this on PC version of the hacks and how they look. I could be wrong but can some one link one video of the hack being used from the hackers perspective? If some ones selling the hacks surely the have an example video. Also m&k people don’t really have that much advantage they are limited to the same sensitivity as the Xbox controllers, it’s not like they can just do a 180 turn around faster then any one with a controller. Also looting in the menu seems like it would be much more difficult with m&k since there’s no mouse on screen to drag items. The guy guy at the top of the leaderboards does not seem crazy he has those number does not look like cheating. I would do more investigation before you just blast some one on here becuase you suck and can’t be as good as him. If you look him up on your computer or Xbox you can see his stats and videos he has recorded .
  7. Roger 420

    PubG WTF!

    Well it’s a pre realease all the other games you speak of were full release that’s the difference . You get to see the development . If you have played since day one not sure how you could say it’s worse. And loot may be your experience or luck, I fine, and it seems like so does the people who are into you with an m16. where do you land for loot ?
  8. Roger 420

    Bullet trajectory

    exactly what I said . I said its different for sniper because theres no triangle its an X. The aim point for that is in the center of the X. the aim point for 5.556 guns is above the triangle as I said before . I was saying if he's missing his shots it could be because of the bullet trajectory or that he's using the wrong aim point on 5.556 weapons. yes all bullets have the same law but thats not what I was saying.
  9. Roger 420

    Bullet trajectory

    you are using the 4x wrong I believe. if you are using the 4x on a AR and you are looking at the triangle, the aim point for what you want to hit is above the triangle not on it. so if you are putting the triangle on his head it could potentially shoot over it in your situation if its too close to the tip of his head. , if you put the triangle under the chin then it hits the head for sure. If you are using it on A sniper then its the bullet trajectory thing
  10. Roger 420

    Waste of time and money

    Actually his game was not released on the Xbox . This a pre released game, a game they let you play as the make the game. No half assing, they were up front about it. All games go through this process, we just don’t get to see it it’s behind the scenes. Everything you said makes no sense. Wait for the release to play it. Or play it not find bugs report them and make it easier and faster for them to get to a release.
  11. Roger 420

    In depth stat tracker

    How does this work ? Where does all the data come from . Just curious this is really cool