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  1. DaCFO

    Best Gaming Monitor

    my point is freesync 2 and LFC is a built-in feature on the X (not the older consoles)........if/when framerate drops (below 30 for PUBG), the CHG and the X have the technology built-in to make it less noticeable.
  2. DaCFO

    Best Gaming Monitor

    One X.........won't do anything for your outdated One
  3. DaCFO

    Best Gaming Monitor

    Freesync 2 and LFC.......research it.
  4. DaCFO

    Best Gaming Monitor

    Samsung CHG70 (27" or 32")..........hands down the best gaming monitor right now for Xbox One X. Freesync 2, LFC, HDR (if you choose to use it).......it's not 4K (1440p), but you can't tell the difference and performance (for me) outweighs 4K. If you have an X, buying any gaming monitor that is not freesync 2 certified is wasting your money.
  5. DaCFO

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    Improvements to frame rate will most likely increase the FPP population, not forum posts.
  6. DaCFO

    One X on test server

    There are moments when freedom of speech is not a good thing......this is one of those moments.
  7. Wins are great.........but my own personal progression is to push the limits on kills per game. Not only are you practicing/getting better in actual battles; but its more of a challenge and more exciting IMO to be the hunter.........if you come out with a chicken dinner at the end of it all, it's the cherry on top. Clothing, weapon skins, individual challenges.........all of it will arrive at some point....learn each weapon, refine your fighting skills, figure out what guns work best for you......do all of this now to set yourself up for the progression later.
  8. DaCFO

    Xbox elite controller setups.

    I use the tall thumb stick on the right and the standard size on the left..........aiming is easier, personal preference. As far as sensitivity settings.........I'd recommend starting at default, play alot and you'll slowly figure out what works best for you. DO NOT make drastic changes to your sensitivities after every game, you'll never be able to figure out what's best...........play 4 or 5 matches, make minor adjustments if needed, play 4 or 5 matches, rinse, repeat until you've found your settings.
  9. DaCFO

    Cheap SSD's

    👆 Not a SSD
  10. DaCFO

    Cheap SSD's

    Your playing (or choosing not to play) PUBG on the OG Xbox and complaining about the in-game advantage of One X players..........yet you still use PC gaming as an example in which CLEARLY different levels of hardware provide very different experiences in terms of gaming performance? Like I said, good luck finding a game that will meet your OG XBox inflated expectations down the road...........news flash, developers have moved on from those specs.
  11. DaCFO

    Cheap SSD's

    You sir will have a difficult time adapting to console gaming down the road with the "I shouldn't have to" attitude.
  12. I can assure you that there will be significant performance differences between the OG and the X (and future next-gen) as games begin rolling out over the next couple years.....no developer is using 5+yr old baseline spec on there games.......the performance gap is real (may not be as noticeable today due to how early it is in the transitional stage). Microsoft isn't handing out the OG kit to developer studios..........and the 5 or 6 studios they've recently acquired sure as shit aren't working with OG specs at the fore front of their performance visions. Microsoft made a significant investment with PUBG as well..........I can only assume they've "urged" the developers to make this run buttery smooth on the X with no stated requirements to have the OG perform exactly the same.......it doesn't fit with the direction Microsoft is heading. Take into consideration other technologies such as freesync2 and LFC (good luck OG) that are becoming readily available on the newer displays........and you'll see even greater improvements in how current and future games play. But lets just continue to bury our heads in the sand and ignore the the fact that XBox is transforming to more of a PC environment giving consumers the choice to spend money for better performance in games.............its easier to just lay all the blame on the developers anyways.
  13. DaCFO

    Cheap SSD's

    100% agree........I just upgraded from the 500gb T3 to the 1TB T5 (gave my duo partner the T3).......it benefits ALL games played on Xbox
  14. .......and that's exactly the way Microsoft is trying to position itself as a backwards-compatible system...........consumers will have that option based individual circumstance/preference, which is a good thing...........but some are incorrectly including performance in the discussion as if all platforms are equal....which is not and will not be the case. It's an industry shift that many are completely overlooking.
  15. ......with a "minimum spec" disclaimer that many people will ignore and later complain about?