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  1. HaoleBoi808

    Week 4 Missions

    They’re pretty weak
  2. HaoleBoi808

    Gaming monitor really makes a difference.

    Oh yea I love San Diego. So much real Mexican food lol
  3. HaoleBoi808

    Gaming monitor really makes a difference.

    It’s not really a “vacation”. I’m in San Diego for work training but I only work like 2 hrs a day while im here for 3 weeks lol
  4. HaoleBoi808

    Gaming monitor really makes a difference.

    Since I’ve been on vacation I play for a few hours then need a break. When I’m at home in Hawaii I play for like 3 straight hours or so. Just got my 1st win on sanhok solo. Had plenty of 2nds. I miss my gaming monitor, this lg tv in my hotel is just off lol
  5. HaoleBoi808

    Xbox Battleground League

    Lol pubg was released as a tpp game so no it’s not designed for FPP. Which is way FPP plays like crap
  6. It’s the new trend https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/haole-boii808/video/60913566
  7. HaoleBoi808

    4th random

    I prefer 3 over 4. But mainly play duos
  8. HaoleBoi808

    Gun issue

    This didn’t start happening until after full release
  9. HaoleBoi808

    Gun issue

    If that was the case then it would always happen, everyone has some kind of lag to the server.
  10. HaoleBoi808

    Gun issue

    Has this happened to anyone else yet, happened to me 3 times so far. See a weapon on the ground, pick it up but it doesn’t show up on u or your inventory. Then after 5 seconds or so maybe longer the gun appears. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/haole-boii808/video/60641820
  11. HaoleBoi808

    Event mode - base jump

    Not to mention the timer for the match starts when the plane is flying
  12. HaoleBoi808

    Pubjesus does exist...

    Should have tried shooting it
  13. HaoleBoi808

    whats going on?

    QBZ is trash anyways
  14. HaoleBoi808

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    Alright started following a few of you twitch, I don’t use mixer sorry mixer peeps.