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  1. LootExp

    Stat Tracker app or website?

    I use this one from AppStore as well.
  2. LootExp

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    Well, it’s not been installed to Xbox yet....
  3. LootExp

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Played a few games solo TPP EU, Xbox OG. Everything was working great, won myself a chicken first day. No crashes, no rubber banding, no network lag detection. Custom games working good, but I had wished for more customization options, spectate options and 3D replay functions.
  4. LootExp

    Add loot to big maps

    Still, there places you can loot up pretty good. Back or front six and the four similar houses on Yas normally would set you up with the basics within 4-5 minutes. Powerplant and little Mylta would also provide a fair amount of loot.
  5. LootExp

    Add loot to big maps

    I had Stalber to myself yesterday. Found two minis, one holo, one S12K and an Uzi. Killed another guy arriving late and got a Scarl from him. Total of 2 boosts and 2 first aids. A bit low on such a large place as Stalber.
  6. LootExp

    Rate My Snipe

    Good shot on moving target, but not as lucky as this one. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lootexpress/video/62500986 ?
  7. LootExp


    Cool clips, Thanks.
  8. Hi all, First of all, the update is working well on my Xbox One and I’m happy with both the performance and the new content. I do however notice that movements while gliding through the air have changed. I feel like the horizontal sensitivity is increased and that I get much more nervous jittery compared to pre patch. It’s more difficult to keep a straight line and when I try and also free look to look for other players nearby I often drift off course. The horizaontal sensitivity shouldn’t need to be that high as you wouldn’t need to correct your course through the air multiple times per second. Dies anyone know know if there are settings I could fiddle with to adjust for this? I’m happy with my settings in game and don’t want to change the movement all together.
  9. LootExp

    I would like to thank you

    Looking forward to some gaming on new content soon. Love it so much.
  10. LootExp

    Team killing is such garbage

    Join our discord for people over 25 and team killing will be nothing more than a faint memory. https://discord.gg/qnG2Ats The community is called LowT gaming and have 800 members from europe and USA that all look for cool squad members for the most popular Xbox games and a good place to promote their mixer stream if applicable. Did i mention we have tournaments as well? ?
  11. I’ve recently registered that AR mags are not showing up sometimes if they’re laying on carpets in Erangel, same as previously reported at Sanhok. The ones I’ve seen are located in the carpet on houses like the front six and the back six and apartments in Georgepol. It seems that the ones I’ve discovered are all on the upper bathroom or in living room. Theyre not not able to pick up in inventory mode not direct by looking. Other items close by are visible and can be picked up, for instance SMG mags. Solo TPP Europe Current patch as of October 22nd. Xbox One OG with external SSD replicated several times, see recordings below. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lootexpress/video/62507903 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lootexpress/video/62507943 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lootexpress/video/62509879
  12. I’ll try EU solo FPP my next matches. Only fair you’ve got some canon fodder available in that witch mode, right? ?
  13. Location: Sanhok, see video xbox one OG, wired connection, Solo TPP, Europe Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lootexpress/video/61859515 Replication: Ive experienced the issue several times inside houses on Sanhok. I believe it’s mostly magclips and tactical stocks that show this behavior in game. The loot is visible, but I can’t pick it up in TPP mode or by opening the inventory screen.
  14. LootExp

    Why does pubg auto correct my region?

    Same here, have caused me to play NA unwillingly and unknowingly several games over the last week.