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  1. LootExp

    Playing with randoms is impossible

    If you want more consistent squad members to play with, head over to our LowT gaming community for Xbox players over the age of 20. We have both competitive and casual players and well organized LookingForGame channels for several games. The core members are playing PUBG, but we also see more interest in other games as well. In addition to the above, there’s also organized PUBG tournaments for both single players, squads and duos. And we have a strict be-nice policy and we do not accept team killing nor M&Kb players. Our total player base is now above 700 members. https://discord.gg/dvFN8y
  2. LootExp

    Pan Fried Chicken Dinner Clips

    Awesome win Alan, and fantastic last circle placement where you have to say goodbye to half your health to be able to bring forward the pan of doom. For or everyone else; the LowT discord community is perfect for people that are tired of random teams and team kills. Sign up now to get to know new Xbox pals and have a shot at some of the titles in our tourneys. We have members in many time zones and countries, including Canada, UK, Scandinavia, US etc.
  3. LootExp

    God I love this game!!!

    What HugeAxe said!
  4. This week I’ve noticed several network lag detected, often more than 1 per game. I’m always getting back, but once the game is complete, I’m Getting a error message telling me that connection to host is lost. I then have to restart the game to gain a new connection. Don’t see how that’s not server side issue. xbox OG wired fiber connection in Norway EU solo server.
  5. LootExp

    Couple Names for Couple Gamers

    Best one ever, I can’t stop smiling. 🙂
  6. I would simply create a server with high Loot, many care packages, and 10 minutes for first circle, to allow most people to be set up as they want with regards to weapons and attachments. The first circle could be smaller to create intense fights. Or perhaps just ply Sanhok.
  7. LootExp

    Loot items stuck in ground

    Ive noticed the same, but mainly on AR mags.
  8. LootExp

    Couple Names for Couple Gamers

    From the movies: Mansion Impossible.
  9. lol. I can relate to your feelings. 🙂
  10. LootExp

    Where do we report teamers?

    You can also use www.pubgdetective.com to gather more evidence if needed. (Replay of game, username of both teamers, evidence of teaming the entire game etc).
  11. LootExp

    No PTS

    Copy/paste mistake is not the same as pretending to be Nico. Grow up.
  12. LootExp

    Where do we report teamers?

  13. LootExp

    LowT Gaming - 1v1v1 PUBG Tournament

    I only had the opportunity to watch the final, but it was good fun to watch. As LowT arranges a host with a stream, you’ll get a commentator as well. SexyPigUK did a brilliant job on making the finals even better to watch, it’s much entertaining and also fun to watch good people competing against the gods of Xbox controllers. By the way, the LowT discord is also an amazing place to join to get to know awesome people that like casual games and stats based gaming if you’re in to that. We have people online in most time zones making it simple to join a party and get some gunfire going whenever it suits you. Congrats to Gaga with the win!
  14. LootExp

    What are some issues your having currently?

    My issues prior to the game patch have mostly been fixed, I’m still badly struggling with Potato aiming, unsure when that patch is planned to release. Lol.
  15. LootExp

    Best Places to Loot in Miramar?

    Sorry for the spamming, can a moderator please remove the duplicate replies?