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  1. Had few instances past few days when frames would drop loads shooting near by enemy’s and also sound will go dead quite and feel like it’s gone in slow mo making it hard to kill people which makes me keep dieing. I play o the Xbox one x don’t no if that makes a difference but only just started having it past few days
  2. Like full clips hitting everywhere in sight but the enemy
  3. Yeah there’s defo a bug involved in moving aswel I can’t move left and right sometimes like there’s a invisible barrier stopping me from going sideways
  4. Played some games since update and struggling with my aiming killing people seems to be all over the place has the sensitivity been reset?
  5. When I’m running or walking I seem to now and again get stuck and can’t move left or whatever the there is s barrier in the way never had this until the update. Anyone else having this?
  6. PTS was definitely smoother than the update on the live server still good though had no major problems have had some odd times where bullets do not register on people standing still and also on the live server I just get Miramar 30 times in a row before getting Erangel but when on the PTS It’s even getting both maps consistently or slightly more erangel.