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  1. Like full clips hitting everywhere in sight but the enemy
  2. Yeah there’s defo a bug involved in moving aswel I can’t move left and right sometimes like there’s a invisible barrier stopping me from going sideways
  3. Played some games since update and struggling with my aiming killing people seems to be all over the place has the sensitivity been reset?
  4. When I’m running or walking I seem to now and again get stuck and can’t move left or whatever the there is s barrier in the way never had this until the update. Anyone else having this?
  5. Chew

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    PTS was definitely smoother than the update on the live server still good though had no major problems have had some odd times where bullets do not register on people standing still and also on the live server I just get Miramar 30 times in a row before getting Erangel but when on the PTS It’s even getting both maps consistently or slightly more erangel.
  6. I still havnt had a crash since the update on June 26th so I’m happy with it best one yet!
  7. Happened last night on Miramar soon as the first bullets hit I crash out not giving me chance to pull cover or nothing and now it has just happened on erangle.
  8. Currently playing and randomly get stuck like I’ve got this invisible barrier around me can only move a few steps thought it was a one off now I’m currently watching it happen to my mate playing he’s saying he can’t move forward but can go left and right. This both happened well into the game nothing to do with rendering and i was on a Xbox one x my mate is on the normal Xbox.
  9. What is this update I’m doing today is this the one that we was meant to get on Tuesday or is this a pre update ready for Tuesday? Idk
  10. Yeah was gonna say on my question I could be wrong here but I didn’t no if we was running them from a server everytime
  11. Chew

    POLL: Controller Type A or Type B?

    I use B got used to it straight away use index finger to aim as normal, while holding the trigger slide your middle finger onto the trigger and now use your index on the bumper to hold breath sounds mad but easy to do
  12. What if they let us save the maps to our Xbox locally then there should be no rendering issues. Not sure on how big the data would be for it. I have a X so I have no problem but I’m just on about for people without the x who do have this issue.
  13. On Miramar in pecado I the boxing ring building and someone killed me from the floor below obv his buildings still hadn’t rendered in and he shot though the floor up at me
  14. Chew

    We need aim assist on console

    I will quit if aim assist comes to this game and reckon most people will. It’s meant to be hard and it’s more down to skill only thing I don’t agree with is mouse and keyboard against people with controllers. And hopefully they fix the game on Xbox wow 5 million copies sold = 150 million pounds made surely they can get a expert team to fix the bugs with that’s sort of money lol
  15. And the fact you can jump through walls and see exactly where the guns are first is a disadvantage?