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  1. No more Crossbow?

    Yep, have not seen them in a couple of days either. Tbh i'm not a fan of them either. Which they would'v added a compound bow instead, realistically quicker reload times and similar damage types as a crossbow. who knows maybe in the future .
  2. New server locations

    Thanks for your reply @Hawkinz it's much appreciated. If I might paint a picture for you...... Us South Africans are vocal here, on the forums as we see it as a official way to communicate with the powers that be. We generally seem to get the ass end of the stick when it comes to server support for most if not all games. For us it is a constant battle to play with +200ms ping, as we have to connect to servers either in the EU or worse the US. I'm not sure if you ever had to suffer the injustice of gaming with hi latency, but i can attest that although, for the most part we try and live with it, it is most infatuating. This is particularly the case when we are asked to pay the full price for games and are not afforded the service/support too experience the games as they were intended to be played. Please forgive our eagerness to draw your attention to our plight, we do understand that the game is still only days old, but we have found in the past, that if we are not vocal in the early days, so to speak that we get lost in the wash. Seen in this light, please understand that when ping lock gets mentioned by the devs, and server support has not even been mention, people tend to get upset. A word from the dev's would go along way to put the minds of your loyal supporters here in South Africa at ease. We gladly await a response. As always keep up the good work, we do appreciate what yous do for us!! Regards, Raven_za (Sa Battlegrounds FB Community owner) https://www.facebook.com/groups/413450469015430/
  3. Stairs & Railings

    Will see if i can recreate it and give feedback.
  4. New server locations

    If the admin don;t mind me leaving this here.... a group for all the saffers!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/413450469015430/
  5. New server locations

    Saffer here, I too would love local server support. There is a big fps community in South Africa, your game has sadly not have much publicity here but, the battlefield boys will enjoy your game as well and they are massive here in SA, just look what we did with EA to get servers here XD. Anyway great game keep up the good work gents!
  6. Stairs & Railings

    Hi Gents, I had a look through the bug reports , but i don't see mention of this anywhere, if i missed it please ignore. It seems stair cases that have railings acts as solid units. In other words if you try to shoot between the railings your bullets simply does not hit the target behind the railings. Some stairs that you can hide under seems to not act like solid units as well, in other words if you hide under some stairs on ground level someone can shoot you trough the stairs without having line of sight to your char. Thanks for an awesome game keep up the good work!