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  1. It's 100% random, but I mainly experience in squads. We can create an entirely new lobby, invite the whole squad to the lobby with a party inv and someone will lose connection to host. Everybody will back out of the match to the existing lobby and we'll all re-ready up. From there it's a 50/50 whether one of us loses a connection again. If one of us loses connection 2-3 times in a row, they'll usually dashboard and restart the game, which usually fixes the issue, but half the time, someone else will get the error.
  2. 3 squad wins so far! Loving the new map
  3. AKA Maurice

    Dynamic Weather is 30%

    I've played a game that started overcast. Had fog roll in right after drop. Fog cleared, had a little rain. Rain stopped. Fog came back. Fog cleared again to a thunder storm. After the thunder storm, fog rolled in one more time for final circle. Was hands down the most intense game I've played. Love the weather. Only gotten fog and rain in a handful of other matches since. b0650bc0-a1d6-47f4-972f-f6e5773bf6d9.mp4
  4. If the xbox has an account with xbox live gold that has that xbox set as their home xbox, every one on that xbox will have access to xbox live. Account with xbox live active just has to set the xbox you want live shared with everyone set as their home xbox. Only one xbox live gold membership and one copy of a game is necessary if the account with the game and membership has the xbox set as their home xbox. Every silver membership on that xbox will have access to the games and gold status of the account set as home.