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    Teaming on solo maps

    Spectate mode will put a stop to this when it comes live, assuming Bluehole bans teamers when reported with evidence. If you are spectating a teamer, you can report easy.
  2. Skullaxe

    Teaming on solo maps

    This really does shit me. Why bother? Just play Duo's for crying out loud. These punks should be banned for a month. My boys tried to team up on another Battle Royale game that shall remain nameless and I overheard it. Took their x-boxes off them for a day as punishment. (Felt like a month to them on school holidays. )
  3. Mwahaha... I rarely have an issue with cars any more, to a point where I used to take the time to blow out the tyres as I went on other cars I found. Now there is one every 200 metres on most major roads so i don't bother.
  4. Skullaxe

    Teaming on solo maps

    Just look at Pubg Replay. You can tell pretty quickly if people are teaming as it will show them running together.
  5. Skullaxe

    Sound PTS

    Yeah.I have this issue to. Had the plane fly over me last night and did not hear it until it was almost on top of me. Used to hear it well ahead of time. Footsteps are the same. Sniping from a mountain side. Guys executes me and I didn't hear him until he was maybe 5 metres away.
  6. Skullaxe

    Sniper's glass reflections

    Can I has Binoculars then?
  7. Skullaxe

    Miramar map Trump Orange...WTF

    This was LOL worthy. I tip my hat to you sir.
  8. Skullaxe

    New Mirimar look

    Really? That's your go to? EVERY other game/movie/tv show is perfect. That PTS was awful. Played one match. Back to normal one while my eyes stopped bleeding. On the plus side....Every time I shot the dirt, I could pretend I was scarring Trump's scalp for life.
  9. Skullaxe

    New Mirimar look

    My god it looks horrible!!!
  10. Skullaxe


    Edited: Because Crap... I didn't read dudes post just above... Can we leave this one a "I am a dickhead post"
  11. Skullaxe

    Cross play

    LOL. God no!!! Have you not seen the people already bitching about keyboard and mouse on xbox? (With good reason I might add. KB&M a huge advantage)
  12. Skullaxe


    Ha... People say they keep getting Miramar. I can go whole evenings and only get a chance to play Miramar once. We have now resorted to hot dropping in Erengal, in the hope that the subsequent map will be Miramar.
  13. Skullaxe

    No servers Oceanic

    Dead?? No... Sprained ankle maybe.
  14. I don't use a mouse and keyboard on console, but is there actually a written something somewhere that expressly forbids them? It isn't cheating unless it is expressly forbidden.
  15. I really, really, really hope that the actual ladies on here all end up having a good experience from this and don't end up with a bunch of man babies messaging them.