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  1. Skullaxe

    Fix the mechanics in this game.

    Dammit.... I clicked on this thinking it was a post about them fixing the shitty arsed gear changes in the Mirado, and the obviously worn tread on the wheels of the Buggy and Dacia..... Those mechanics need to be fired, or at least given their first written warning.
  2. Skullaxe


    Oh I can read. I clearly saw what it said and I still think it was a repetitive post that had zero chance of gleaning any positive action or result. It was met with the sarcasm and ridicule it deserved.
  3. Skullaxe


    Possibly, but my ping according to Pubg ping was quite low, and it affected myself, and the people I was playing with. Never happened before. Different ISP's for all of us. Server then would not connect back to lobby. Possible that it was a localized issue geographically, but seems somewhat unlikely given I went to other games and had no issues.
  4. Skullaxe


    Man... Have you not seen the new feature where you click X to open a door and it opens like 5 seconds later? The other excellent one is when you pick something off the ground, it goes to a magical bag of holding, and 15 or so seconds later it appears on your body..... Had that for the first time ever last night. It was awesome! Even checked my internet to see if it was a client side "feature", and nope.... All PubG, all the way.
  5. Skullaxe


    No point, at all. It will be used to either talk shit at someone, scream at someone for killing you, or assist teaming. No value add whatsoever.
  6. Skullaxe


    We didn't say what year.
  7. Skullaxe


    OK. Not to be that guy, but seriously, use the bloody search function. Even a rudimentary look would have shown you this is slated for a January patch with the ping locking.
  8. Skullaxe

    Solo NA FPP dead?

    You are likely now going to get barraged by the Yanks whinging about how you have broken THEIR game.
  9. Skullaxe

    Solo NA FPP dead?

    Could be that the FPP player base have seen the light? <wink wink>
  10. Skullaxe

    The playstyle I HATE the most!!

    Hilarious.... That could have happened any way you play. Didn't check the wall. Was blinded by shiny things in drop package. Been there. Done that!
  11. Skullaxe


    You know that you, too, can get behind cover? You know, the whole "what he can do, I can do better" thing that is inherent in anything competitive. What I am seeing here is a whole bunch of people that think because THEY prefer a certain style of play, it must be the only way it can be played competitively. That's like saying that the players who play T20 cricket are inferior to the players who play test cricket. They are all good at what they do. Some are just better than others in some formats of the game.
  12. Skullaxe


    Anyone noticed how the biggest whingers on these forums are the bloody FPP crowd? FOV sucks.. Boo hoo. People play TPP and not FPP... Waaa waa waa Our FPP servers are dead..... sob sob TPP players play with magic camera... Oh no the world is ending.....How dare the play the game they way they want to? Maybe the next vehicle they add should be a Waaaaambulance....... (Only need it in FPP mode though.)
  13. Skullaxe


    Didn't read my fine print either hey? Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  14. Skullaxe

    Pubg Lore

    I thought it was more like a Hunger Games thing with criminals. Winner from each region (Map) gets to compete in a Grand Royale for riches and freedom at the end.
  15. Skullaxe

    I Am Going To Start Streaming PUBG

    TWITCH!!! Then I can put you next to P4wnyhof and watch both modes without having to resort to watching the likes of Shroud and co.