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    Exclusive rewards for PTS

    With that being said, will people who reported legitimate bugs recieve the set? And was there a cut off date for reporting?
  2. Drewcifer

    Aiming without Aimacceleration has to be fixed

    Don't listen to him Devs, the aim with AA off is finally perfect and smooth as can be. As for you OP you need to realize that you're not supposed to be able to spin around while ADS, your ADS movement speed shouldn't be much faster than a person can sprint, it is for fine adjustments. Use your general sensitivity to spin around and react faster than ADS. devs, I'm telling you it's finally perfect don't change it back to last weekend, OP is just too used to his call of duty.
  3. Bug Description: Whilst aiming down sights (not over the shoulder) and holding your breath, pressing RB (open emote menu) while having both buttons held causes your character to be unable to move forward or backwards (side to side still works) easy to replicate, as far as I can see it is impossible to get your movement back to normal. Location: Anywhere, either map Evidence: Game Clip http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/drewcifer-nero/video/51225550 Replication: Hold/Tap LT (depending on type A or type B), Hold LB, Press RB Xbox One Version Xbox one S (with wired connection)
  4. Drewcifer

    Opening Emote Menu While ADS Bug

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/drewcifer-nero/video/51225550 link to video evidence
  5. Drewcifer

    Opening Emote Menu While ADS Bug

    No, I've tested it in three separate games. It could very well be and it's invisible but I've tried reopening and using an emote and it doesn't solve it, try it yourself. aim down sight+hold breath, then press RB. you've been warned.
  6. Drewcifer

    Opening Emote Menu While ADS Bug

    I don't see this post on the forum anymore? Did it get removed or just not considered a proper bug? Edit: must've been unlisted but back now.
  7. At any point if you aim down sights and hold your breath (LT+LB) then press RB (while still holding both LT and LB) and open the emote menu, your character will be UNABLE to move forward and backward for the rest of the game. It is replicatable and once you cannot move you cannot fix it from everything I've tried. can provide video evidence later when I get home, wanted to report ASAP. once again steps to replicate us LT (full aim down sights, not over the shoulder) > LB > RB. When you see the emote menu open and you're still aiming down the sights you will be unable to move forward and backward, but still side to side. #bugbounty