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  1. PubgIsBroken

    Where are the PTS players?

    Did the PTS playerbase die? Havent been able to find a game.
  2. This is the xbox forum. Might want to post in PC forum for better help.
  3. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    After playing multiple games it honestly looks a little different and a bit more textured which is nice. Still desync and hit reg. Vector is God. Get owned in 3 bullets or less. New weapons are strong also. Getting used to movement but it's still odd.
  4. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    I mean it's fun but might as well wait as it's still the same frustrating pubg.
  5. PubgIsBroken


    Movement is so sketchy and has a mind if it's own almost. Dont like it at all.
  6. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    My xbox says 14 gigs
  7. PubgIsBroken

    Pts Feedback.

    Honestly feels like I'm learning the controls for first time. Game seems clunky and stuttery. First game just got demolished by a guy who took 20 bullets killed me in 2. Idk maybe I suck but it doesn't feel right. Others thoughts welcomed!
  8. PubgIsBroken

    Trying to get into a match

    Yeah man no FPP only TPP still took a few minutes
  9. Is there a feedback post for this PTS.? Just see everyone making their own threads
  10. PubgIsBroken

    Happy for PTS

    Super excited for the PTS. Cant wait to try the new weapons. Just really bummed no fix for the lost connection to host bug
  11. What do you guys think? Did pubg Corp give up and run for the hills? I would have assumed an update would be huge priority since new games are dropping Friday and later on in the month. But all is silent.
  12. So fed up with this game. Why is this game so broken
  13. PubgIsBroken

    Matchmaking fails

    Trying to get into a game. Matchmaking keeps failing. FPP and TPP both fail for solo que
  14. PubgIsBroken

    Xbox one test servers

    They claim they might not have time for PTS testing and the live servers might get updated sometime this week. Its already Wednesday and blackout releases in less than a day and half. Doesnt look to hopeful
  15. Not 100% sure because it's so random. Happens when I solo que. (First game of day, randomly between matches) Duo que (same as above) Squad que. (Same as above) Seems like it happens to me more than squad mates. (Girlfriend plays on same network in same apartment with me) Never cause problems before1.0 Wired connection 100up Xbox one s