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  1. sound is really bad, seriously

    The sound system is perfect and only bad players cant find where shots are comming from.
  2. Just look at this, the early days of BF4 werent even this bad. I know early acces this early acces that but c'mon. The car missed me by at least 2 meters. Getting shot around a corner or tree is getting a bit old aswell. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/135175408
  3. Circles are all about planning ahead, its part of the game! I do understand it can be frustrating if the circle is on the opposite side everytime. They need to make the new circle appear in the center of earch new circle and not based on RNG nonsense where some people can stay put and other have to move everytime.
  4. New game mode variant - DIVIDE

    25v25v25v25 50v50 10v10v10v10v10v10v10v10v10v10 etc etc. I would love to see 50v50 .
  5. Gas cans are useless

    I never picked one up
  6. No siren plz. Its not hard to keep track of the circle and a siren noise will be distracting as fuck and it might conseal sound of a gun that is shooting you.
  7. Adding shields for Squads or Duo's

    I never use shields in games but it does give players more choice in how to approach certain situations.
  8. Adding shields for Squads or Duo's

    I agree, maybe like the armor. A lvl 1, 2 and 3 shield.
  9. I think shields can increase tactical gameplay for duo's or squads. I think items that force cooperation will make the game more engaging and fun (in most situations) The player that carries a shield can only use a pistol. I know a shield might be useless in a big map like this but i can see opportunities for this to work in some situations. What if you are hiding behind a tree with 2 guys, now 2 sides are vulnerable, one guy takes the shield from his back and covers 1 side and doesnt have to worry about getting destroyed instantly. Now the two of you can both focus on one side. I think there are allot more situation were this could be fun. I dont want the shield do be some overpowered bulletsponge ofcourse. This will also give handgrenades more use (to kill the guy holding the shield easily). The guy with the shield still has its weak spots ofcourse.
  10. How the hell is vaulting going to slow down the game, its not going to be the DayZ grandma mode vault. Its think running around a 1 meter high fence is slowing the game down atm.
  11. New Snipers

    I think the M14 or some hunting rifle are more likely to be added, maybe something like the mosin nagant? I am not expecting they will add the cannons you are talkong about to the game.
  12. Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    I played a couple of duo's with the same guy. We used the ingame voice chat and it didnt work at all sometimes so, I think its a bug or something.
  13. More detailed end of game stats

  14. Map UI Improvements

    Its only tactical drawing if the pencil has a camo pattern on it......badumtss. But all kidding aside I would love to see this ingame.
  15. PLEASE! Make the report system button INGAME!

    Please dont add this button, people that get shot and are bad or sre beginners at the game and dont understand how they got shot because their positioning is bad will report every player that kills them.