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    Just don’t care as much

    Same here , have been playing fifa since it came out , played one match of pubg yesterdy , went right baack to fifa lol
  2. Hahah thats right . Its hilarious how they avoid updating us on perfomance mode , fps , desync .. but hey go buy our next event pass to get amazing rewards!
  3. Majority of us dont care about war mode . Update us on fixes for what really matters to the gameplay , FPS , desync etc... should be priority.
  4. Wgf36

    Lack of communication AGAIN

    Imo this game on xbox will never be "fixed" , gotta keep in mind their priority is to make money , this is a pc game , it only got expanded to console because just another way for them to milk money. 10 months and still the same bs , if you want it to play smooth , get a pc . Or live with with 20 fps unstable
  5. Wgf36

    Ghost bullets CAUGHT ON TAPE!

    lol watch this one https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/wesleyxsn1pes/video/60323331
  6. same here , I see less and less friends of mine spending time on this game , with all these AAA titles coming up im sure this game will lose ALOT of players, even though many of these games doesn't bring that pubg adrenaline feeling , nobody wants to keep playing broken game like this with all these issues . just try playing any other game and go play pubg again , you will see how broken the game is , FPS drops , desync , I used to play this game pretty everyday until 1.0 , I keep checking forums for an update to see what they have to say , but unfortunally the devs really don't care lol .
  7. Wgf36

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    Im sick of dying because of frame drops , desync and many other bugs , cant aim for shit! Its a slideshow trying to aim . I only bought xbox one x to play this fucking game and it runs like total garbage , after 9 months i cant believe bluehole havent figured to keep fps stable . Try playing any other game and then go play sanhok on xbox one x , u will see how disgusting this game actually runs . Worst developers i have ever seen . I like this game alot , but honestly wont be playing until, if it will ever get fixed. Or should i downgrade to an OG ? Lol what a joke is bluehole. Their priority is keeping their players unhappy , that the only thing they do very good .
  8. Its a shame how this company treat xbox players , i only still play this is because there are no other br games like pubg, because if there were i would be long gone , but i already am starting to give up and playing way less lately usually like 2-3 game a day or so , sanhok is unplayable after u hit 50 players left its basically gambling to win because cant aim for shit , fps drops massively. Whats worse is that we wait weeks to hear " were looking into it " and then nothing is ever fixed , just a bunch of bullshit from this company . they pushed this 1.0 release which are a shitload full of bugs , and whats worse the xbox one x having the worst of all frames drops , because lets be realistic here anyone who says this game runs " smooth as butter " is probably just another fanboy defending bluehole. Sanhok is unplayable tired of getting killed when i ads and going into a power point slideshow . Erangel and Miramar also drops frames , not like sanhok but still drops . Good luck to bluehole keeping up with new br games coming up . They're just probably in ibiza now relaxing with our money while we here complaining ??? well lets wait another week to get the famous " we're looking into it , but well never fix " ???
  9. Wgf36

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    please fix the fps on xbox one x!! Its really fcking annoying trying to ads and game nearly crashing with these frames dropping ?? we are tired of just hearing " we're looking into it " seriously 9 months later and this piece of crap still runs like ? ?? this is the only game i play and i love this game but its been tough to continue playing like this , looks like it got even worse after 1.0 . xbox one x 4k 1 ms monitor wired
  10. Wgf36

    A message to the Devs

    I know right , but try reporting we are not able to buy g-coins , they will fix that in minutes ????
  11. Wgf36

    A message to the Devs

    Also having this issues , its really annoying aiming on sanhok , game runs like shit , i noted that once its 50 players left it is just a freaking nightmare to play , frame drops everywhere , i lost count how many times i died from this already , seeing a enemy and trying to shoot game goes into a power point slideshow. This is the kind of issue shouldnt take the " team " months to fix. After all these months Its just clear that this game will never have stable fps , but atleast fix the frames dropping when shooting , this game had everything to be one of the best games of all time . I had never had so many playing hours in a game since bf3 . But this company who owns the game is a joke . The way they treat their costumers , takes 100 posts to get a 1 reply saying " team is looking into it " , then next patch same issues , they do update their patch notes saying they fixed stuff when clearly they didnt lol . i guess our fix is to get a OG or S and put away our X? ?
  12. I see posts like this on this forum everyday and is funny how devs just ignore us , atleast try to fix so fps wont drop when we are aiming down sights , since i already lost hope this game will ever have stable fps . . Its been fcking annoying adsing , especially on sanhok using 4x 6x ? x1x wired 1ms monitor 4k