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  1. Hi Ever since this last update lost connection to host to be hapening alot more than usual. Im on a xboxonex aswell. I thought the update fixed this? Plsu when i load in now the buildings are like clay i never used to habe these issues on my one x but now they have started also achievements still are not working and its not even tracking. yet they unlock for one of my squad members randomly. I saw a report saying qbz and qbu caused this... but how does that stop stuff like punch someone to death and reviving a player, attach a silencer to each weapon i done that countless times and nothing lol????
  2. No acheievements are working for me what so ever i have done many of them and none have unlocked, silenced weapons, wear someones clothes, full stamina bar, top 10, weapon kills i could go on. Something is broken and its rather annoying for a full release
  3. Broken

    Xbox 1.0 update

    This is what im hoping for, as long aw i keep all my stats on the total board i am happy with that you know, although im missing 5 wins on their which only show on the online xbox leaderboards sadly. I mean if they only reset i can live with that at least
  4. The thing im concerned about is everything we have done in preview. Will it be carried over? Stats wins, clothes bp points or are we just wasting our time
  5. Will everything we have already done carry over or will ot be reset completely? Clothes, wins etc Me and my friends have put alot of hours into this game and it will be a huge shame for everything we have done to just be thrown away. It kind of puta me off continuing my unhealthy playing of this tbh haha. I only ask due to ign posting something this morning announcing that the stats will not carry over to 1.0 update. However when it was announced you stated that achievement progress etc will carry over? Please can we know so we can stop wasting our time on preview