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    Never said they sound the "same". Don't have to watch vids. Own the game. Lol up the arse it goes 🤣
  2. SilentWutch


    If your trying to say using different operators makes it dynamic the argument for Pub G is its dynamic because depending what weapons and gear you pick up makes you a different operator with different skill sets to approach each situation a different way or to use vehicles for barricades changes the way you can defend or attack. And dynamic sound? That's all in the headset or sound setup you have on your tv/monitor. So that does not make the game dynamic unless you have the right equipment. PubG sounds great on my Astro headset and I can pin point footsteps..gunshots..same kind of stuff as R6. I have a coworker with a OG Xbox headset and he cant pinpoint shit on either game. So saying R6 has dynamic sound and PubG doesn't is a wash. I think they are completely different games and both have there plus's and minus's but I think you are over hyping R6 and over using the word "dynamic". Maybe choose a different word. Trying to say PubG isnt' dynamic because different circle/loot? So the objective in R6 changing rooms each match makes that MORE dynamic? Really?? is that your argument.
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    That's not really dynamic because its the same every game is it not? Everything you stated happens every game. Sure you can choose different ways to approach a scenario but that's all part of the core game. Dynamic it is not. Repetitive it is.
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    "dynamic" lol.....care to elaborate while I grab you a box of tissues
  5. SilentWutch

    Game crash: Megathread

    After update adding Miramar Played 3 games on PREVIEW not PTS. Crashed 2 out of 3. First game crashed after 15 minutes of gameplay. Got a kill then double tapped the HOME X to record the kill and LOUD ringing followed by black/white screen that froze my Xbox One X. 3rd game I played crashed after about 5 minutes of gameplay. Nothing significant on this one. Just running then loud ringing/screen going black and white. This one actually went to home screen after about 30 seconds.