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    Weather is only available on the 1x?

    Had plenty of rain, thunder, fog on both maps on the OG Xbox. Runs super well, i was really suprised. The terrain gets all wet, vehicles get wet. You can splash in puddles on the floor. The thunder and rain sounds are so realistic. Super job from the devs on this one, exceeded my expectations by a long way.
  2. christiansqrd

    Insta kills in squad

    Exactly this, if you down an opposition team member you use that 10 seconds to push on the team while they're vulnerable..
  3. christiansqrd

    Floating Guns

    Apologies if this has been discussed or answered before, but i often see just the guns of a player floating with no actual player in the local vicinity. What does this mean? Is it just a bug?
  4. christiansqrd

    So why do you hate Miramar so much?

    Honestly i really disliked this map when it first came on the test server, but since playing it a fair amount i've been more successful on it than on Erangel. Downsides for me are the rendering is quite slow and i dont really like the layout of some of the buildings. Otherwise i actually really like it, i love the cover of the different height terrains, brings a totally new aspect of skills required for the map. The loot on there seems to be much better than the previous patch too, i can't remember a game when i didnt have a decked our M4 and a Kar98 with and 8x. Its a completely different playing experience but all it takes is practice and you can own this map. Like people have said before if you're not doing well, its probably because you need to adapt to the different play style and learn your way around the map.
  5. christiansqrd

    Blue Zone Circle

    Has anyone else had this crazy circle on Miramar? wheres your best/worst, most convenient/inconvenient final circle been?
  6. christiansqrd

    the worst feeling in pubg xbox gameplay

    Being 1 on 1 in the final 2, having eyes on your opponent and drawing your single fire 4x M16 rather than your auto red dot M4 after throwing a grenade and losing the fire fight because of it
  7. christiansqrd

    Fav Crate Weapons?

    Theres a video of Viss absolutely owning with a MK14 and a 15x scope, it looks like a great fun gun. Extended mags and auto is crazy good.
  8. christiansqrd

    Fav Crate Weapons?

    I've only picked it up a handful of times but i think a silencer, extended mags, and sights.
  9. christiansqrd

    Fav Crate Weapons?

    Groza for AR, AWM for Sniper Rifle, M249 for LMG. Groza fire rate just obliterates people its great.
  10. christiansqrd

    Latest Update

    I have to admit i'm really enjoying this latest update. The game feels smooth, the rendering seems to actually be working, the loot has increased, vehicles have increased and i'm generally getting a much more positive playing experience. Crashes and rubber banding are the only things really bothering me at the moment, especially on Miramar. Theres been a fair few times i've dropped hot and not been able to find a gun quick enough to fight and i also can't run and hide because every step i take is a half step. I do seem to be crashing less but its still quite frequent and it seems to be at the most inopportune moments too! E.g. driving a vehicle or just landing or just abot to engage in a fire fight. This game has a long way to go but considering im playing on an OG xbox one my experience with this game has largely been positive. Well done Bluehole for creating such a great and addictive game because as bad as its ever been and/or might be it will still be my favourite release on Xbox to date.