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  1. Sucks. Makes you think you have an extra second to aim when you really dont.
  2. Is there a block feature on this forum?
  3. Lol. Half the population wont test the server because it released with such a hideous bug. Whats the point of a test server if its so bad no one will actually play it to test it? Oh. And many bugs that get reported on the test server make it to live despite peoples best efforts. See: acceleration bug in cars.
  4. You are both missing the point. Its not about the danger, its about the fact that they missed a hilariously obvious problem. If anyone at bluehole would have played on type B for 5 seconds they would have realized they had a serious problem.
  5. For a typo yes. Delete it? No. Anyone who thinks its ok that something this bad and obvious made it past internal testing deserves to have some fun poked at them.
  6. Ive got a bridge to sell you. Dont mind the cracks going through the supports either. Its a test bridge.
  7. Gladiatorpie

    potato or no no?

    While you are right that his limbs were not blocking everything, the reticle was still on a decent portion of his limbs which means if he is unlucky enough the pellets will hit the less vitale areas. Either way it should have been a kill.
  8. Gladiatorpie

    potato or no no?

    No potato or lag/desynch. Just poor decisions by the developers. His hands and arms blocked most of the pellets and shotguns get a horrendous modifier on limbs/hands. Since shotuns will not get limb penetration they need to drastically increase the damage modifier shotguns do to limbs so point blank situations like this against an unarmoured opponent do not happen. Pretty much the exact same thing happened here. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/54993460
  9. Gladiatorpie


    It would make more sense if it was spaghetti.
  10. This actually was pre patch 17 but posting it in another thread reminded me of the penetration issue. And re-reading patch 17 they did increase limb damage modifiers for shotguns so maybe this would have been a kill post patch 17. Is that the current limb damage modifiers? If so I think they should be higher still since no limb penetration.
  11. Thats my point. With limb penetration this is a for sure kill. Thats why Im saying shotguns should get it. Or maybe at least have them do more damage to limbs?
  12. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/54993460 Only asking because in this case a point blank shot to the chest isnt a kill simply because his hands are in the way.
  13. Gladiatorpie

    Floating Tommy Gun Squad

    is this the issue you are talking about or this maybe?
  14. Gladiatorpie

    Bored, show me some epic clips!

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ilovebeer17/video/54993460 If you are late to a hot drop, just peel off. Or be iron man like the second guy. PS I died to the molotov