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  1. Gladiatorpie

    I broke the game mairmar

    I dont even.
  2. Gladiatorpie

    I broke the game mairmar

    So butthurt.
  3. Gladiatorpie

    I broke the game mairmar

    Bet he can speak english better than you can his first language.
  4. Gladiatorpie

    This guy is clearly not a good player

    Its a joke based on how the devs described players who get killed by the red zone.
  5. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/necrotizingd00m/video/61729219 like how bad at this game could he be?
  6. Gladiatorpie

    Tournament Loot Levels

    More loot is for sure needed on Erangel. Ya its fun to win that one game where you had a pistol for half the game but the frustration of dying multiple games because the three houses you looted had 4 pistols and a micro uzi stock far outweighs those few games where you defied the odds. Ive always thought guns and ammo should be everywhere but fully kitting a gun should be difficult. One of the big draws of this game is the gunplay right? Let people get to enjoy that most games.
  7. Gladiatorpie

    What in the merry hell is this?

    Ya nothing rendered for him. Pretty sure you can see him moving through a box as well. High quality game. Edit: yep he absolutely is moving through the silver colored box thing right at the end.
  8. Gladiatorpie

    Does the game really run that poorly?

    By modern standards, yes this game runs very poorly. Is it playable for the most part? Sure. But you also shouldnt need to buy a $70+ peripheral that is a luxury item for every other game out there to make the game play at a basic level on most consoles.
  9. Gladiatorpie

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    Ive always thought Erangel needed about 25% more loot. The people I play with almost refuse to do the two big maps because of loot. And I DESPISE Sanhok gameplay. So many angles, trees, shrubs, leaves, foilage and ways into buildings you have to watch. Erangel is an awesome map but the fun factor decreases significantly when you get streaks of bad luck. Who wants to die because you picked the three houses with pistols and the other guys happened upon the two full auto weapons in the town? They definitely need to change it.
  10. Gladiatorpie

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    I cant say for sure about the circle differences but they absolutely have the AR spawn rate cranked up to 2x or 3x the normal rate. Not exactly competitive if you have a double barrel and the orher guys has an M4. https://play.eslgaming.com/playerunknownsbattlegrounds/europe/pubg/major/global-invitational/pgi-2018-squad-open-qualifier-europe/rules/ I was sorta close. 1.3x for guns except pistols and SMGs which are 1.5x. But I guess it can vary from tourny to tourny too. It also has the circle details if you are interested.
  11. Holy sweet Jesus when is this heading our way.
  12. Gladiatorpie

    Bug or game design?

    We are talking game design not realism. If thats the case the game should let me shoot the ground then since i never put a safety kn
  13. Gladiatorpie

    Bug or game design?

    So with the introduction of sanhok Ive noticed myself jumping in windows a lot more. One thing I have noticed (its gotten me killed a few times) is that actions are not queued up after vaulting. So lets say I jump in a window and see a guy in there. If I hold the trigger before the vaulting animation is complete the gun does not fire. You would have the time the animation finishing perfectly to get shots off as quick as possible. Thoughts?
  14. Gladiatorpie

    Damn grenades

    Ive had the same suggestion before as well too. Being weaker against bullets realtive to most other players seems like a fair tradeoff if you want some nade protection. Wouldnt mind seeing it later down the road.