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  1. Indeed, solo game play is spot on!
  2. Tnx for the reply @Hawkinz, I fully understand the need for the force field but mid game encounters are best avoided especially in team matches. Players being able to revive etc has an affect, we spend a lot more time trying to out smart/play the opposition. The force field on the 3rd circle really bites hard and it becomes a lot more situational on who survives. I wish that we could be able to test our skills on players not game mechanics especially in team matches. Rant over.
  3. Has the dmg increased for the Force Field??? I keep dying outside the play zone and it is annoying me enough to quit this game. You cant engage any one as it will slow you down too much. Whats the point of the extreme dmg you take, the force field will still push players into the same area eventually. It needs to stop being the result of most players dying .I hate dying to a game mechanic, what a waste of time and loot!
  4. New server locations

    South African Server pretty please! Enjoying this game and will tell my gamming circle to buy. Yebo umlungu, baie dankie