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  1. iHeartEquinox

    Blue Zone is way too aggressive in PTS

    Its just in your head, the damage and close times have all stayed the same on the PTS
  2. iHeartEquinox

    Ballistic Mask

    Ballistic mask can be found in crates, since it is a clothing item ( just like all clothing items) it does nothing in the way of protection.
  3. iHeartEquinox


    How so?? I used it and it seems to be fine. Is there more information you can provide with that complaint?
  4. iHeartEquinox

    Reduce Controller Recoil

    I wouldn't mind a slight increase to recoil on the live servers, but what they currently have it at on the PTS is a bit much.
  5. iHeartEquinox


    Lol its the opposite for me, early game i can find nothing but snipers and dmrs..... i dont use them, so this sucks for me.
  6. iHeartEquinox

    Pts colour

    They said they would fix the lighting on miramar before they pushed it to live, dont worry even they realize it is way to bad. Dont get me wrong the sunset setting is fine, but it is a little too orange.
  7. iHeartEquinox

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Personally think the spawn rates you had before were fine. Other than that there is nothing that i can find wrong.
  8. iHeartEquinox

    Weekly or monthly leaderboards change

    Im top 50 on NA and i have half the time played as everyone on there. I also use the normal controller, no elite or scuff..... so it is a little to do with skill, but time played can be a big factor if you don't win as much.
  9. iHeartEquinox

    Community event

    The 11th is when you will get last events items.
  10. iHeartEquinox

    For challenges only give to who participate

    Hahahaha this is one of the most pointless threads i think i have seen on here..... oh no people that didn't snipe get a couple of clothing items!! I almost guarantee that a good 80% of people won't even where them. Even if they do, who cares it isn't like the are recieving anything to help there gameplay. There is nothing unfair about it, just seems like you like to cry, bud.
  11. iHeartEquinox

    Change the KBNO out of vehicle mechanic

    So then more people die to the playzone than already do because there are less vehicles?? The point of them getting knocked out of the vehicle is so at the point you are forced to fight that team if you want to get him. Vehicles are a key part of moving around the map, some people already think they don't spawn enough. Vehicles are already over powered enough right now as is, they don't need one more thing keeping people in them at the end game. As someone else said avoid main roads and driving in straight lines in them. I haven't once been like "yeah i want to cross that bridge that probably has one and possibly a second team just sitting on it." If you are aware of the current mechanic use tactics to avoid getting shot at well in it.
  12. iHeartEquinox

    New bug?

    There are times it is not caused by the emotes. I had my movements get "wonky" (just all over the place not actually doing anything I was trying to do) and i actually had to do an emote to remove it. I do know the bug you are referring to though.
  13. iHeartEquinox

    Change the KBNO out of vehicle mechanic

    Knocked But Not Out. K.B.N.O. It is technically DBNO though. Which is Downed But Not Out
  14. iHeartEquinox

    Change the KBNO out of vehicle mechanic

    This has been a mechanic sense day one of PC even..... they shouldn't change it, it would ruin an aspect of the game. However what they do need to fix is the fact that lately sometimes when you are knocked in a vehicle and fall out, you "fall to your death." I had never seen this before the most recent update and it doesn't even happen all the time.