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  1. Doubtful, not saying it's not possible for there to be cheaters. But I know two people on the TPP dous top 10 that use XIM and don't cheat with a 75% win rating. If you can not see where the advantages from a MnK players lie then I don't know how to explain it so you will. But I can try a little, the looting itself is faster when it becomes a drag and drop instead of a hit RB then hit X on the things you want in your bag then double click A for the things you want equipped. The aiming and recoil control is more precise, some of them shoot a full auto M249 like it's a laser gun, because to them it is. I don't think there is an advantage for them when they are forced to have to turn on someone. The advantages are there if you aren't seeing them, then you are choosing not to. This is not to say I really care whether or not they stay in the game considering the good MnK users are far and few between on Xbox, but to say there aren't advantages when set up right is just being ignorant to the facts.
  2. I agree, there are a lot of times people are just crying wolf for no reason other than they died.
  3. Just to say there are advantages if set up correctly, I have seen a couple of people that have it set up right and don't have the issues you mentioned. If you some of the streamers that have it set up perfectly they have win percentages of 75% and higher. I don't think the advantages apply to the people that haven't got it set up one hundred percent completely correct though. But there are a few.
  4. I don't either, just figured I would say that there is proof of some people using them. I doubt every time someone thinks that it is an MnK user that it actually is, and some controller users are just as good if not better. But I do think it is growing in popularity, because if set up correctly there are advantages.
  5. Also not my dissatisfaction, I was simply commenting on a thread. I personally am having a great time with the game. I can understand his frustrations, though I don't care enough to ask for them to be ban. Most of them aren't that great with MnK, but it can still provide advantages to people that set them up correctly.
  6. They asked if there was proof of mnk use from players in general.... If they meant otherwise then it should have been better clarified. They even proceed with there state meant that they hadn't seen evidence of it anywhere. I simply stated that there was evidence of its use. Of course I can't prove it in game. If they ever get around to adding the Killcam, it might be able to be noticed in some cases. But I also know there are some very pro players that are indistinguishable from a mnk users.
  7. There are literally streams that say they use mouse and keyboard......