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  1. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    Switch to first person
  2. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    And you would lose the fight even if you switched seats..... he would already have 2 hits on you going from driver to passenger to back seat.......
  3. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    I have done that on xbox......
  4. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    Or know where the vehicle spawns are located so it is easier for you to get a vehicle further from where others will be getting theirs.
  5. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    Because you wont have a melee weapon first thing in a game. That should be the only time you are racing for a vehicle...... so you are saying that if you beat someone to a vehicle but they hop in with you, they should be the ones to get the vehicle because they can punch you?? That is unlogical when the solution to your problem is simply get better at dropping.....
  6. iHeartEquinox

    Can we get punching....

    No that would defeat the purpose of racing for the vehicle.
  7. Lol why were you even switch vehicles there? @coolbreezetg6 the covered vehicle should always be your choice over a dunebuggy.... especially on erangal
  8. iHeartEquinox

    We need a juggernaut suit!

    ........ no, just no........
  9. Which is understandable...... the main point was you have backed it up at least, the other guy hasnt yet.....
  10. I wont say you are bad..... but your win lose isnt good you have a good kd for dous and solos.... but thats on EU servers..... which no offense but your good players even come to NA.....
  11. Lol they didnt screw up the aiming..... the only thing that is bad is the desync..... which is manageable as long as you are a good player that can adapt. And dont say you are better than someone if you dont show your GT so they can look it up and prove it...... Just saying you are probably better is very baseless.....
  12. iHeartEquinox

    Give me back the tactic variability!

    There was always the possibility of a crate sniper not coming with a scope...... Also since the release of the game, it has been heavily RnG based..... which means everything you do can be a gamble......
  13. iHeartEquinox

    That Darn RedZone

    Redzone is fine as is....... learn to avoid it. I havent died to it more than 3 times in over 1800 games. And i blame those times on myself.
  14. iHeartEquinox

    New Grips Are Insane

    Some guy reported me on a thread i made for telling him he was acting like a child....... me and jigsaw have even had back and forths, but nether of us got so upset we asked for a moderator to do anything. Its called moving on and acting your age. Who cares what others think/say about you over the internet.
  15. iHeartEquinox

    Holding breath while under water

    The only thing they should have also done with this is increase the swimming speed above the water. Considering the fastest way to swim was under the water and now you can't really swim under the water. Think the speed of swimming above needs to be increased to the same speed as under water.