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  1. El_Gran_Orgo

    OCE matchmaking still. Broken

    I do this but I'm not convinced it helps. was just looking for a game an hour ago (lunchtime) for 30 minutes.. stopping every 2 min and restarting. tried solos, 1-man squad, MR, BR, After 30 minutes jumped onto NA straight in..
  2. El_Gran_Orgo

    4th random

    If the solo readied up up first, it is possible the group of 3 actually joined his lobby and not the other way around.
  3. El_Gran_Orgo

    OC Servers....

    Yea I found the same, If I search for just one of the two it works, but not on both. I only search for mini Royal now. Trying to join a 1 man squad right now.. finally found one. game starts in 30 seconds. 32 players
  4. El_Gran_Orgo

    OC Servers....

    Was trying to play solos and 1-man squads. ended up finally getting a solo game with 30 players . Then played a 1-man with 40 players If it is a matchmaking issue. Id love for them to acknowledge this soon
  5. El_Gran_Orgo

    OC Servers....

    night time only way to get games currently it seems. Got games last night with no issues. but nothing yesterday afternoon. Would love to see this as well.
  6. If you enjoyed cod but didn’t let everyone on another games forum know about it.. did you REALLY enjoy cod?
  7. El_Gran_Orgo

    Headshot without a helmet

    Tupac got shot in the head while with his squad and was revived. Unfortunately the second time he was shot in the head was in duos and his partner failed to revive. but the point is.. if Tupac can be revived, I would like the chance to be revived (given I have chosen a better teammate than suge)
  8. El_Gran_Orgo

    The Game is dead 12 october...

    Possibly, but my pubg group chat with mates have been saying the same thing all week. Night time is ok but afternoons 1-5pm even on weekends (that were solid a month ago) have dropped significantly
  9. El_Gran_Orgo

    Pubg Better step it up COD is on the way

    Can’t wait for cod to be released purely so all these people finally leave the forum also, so I don’t have to see doc complaining about pubg in every YouTube pubg highlight video (yes I’m one of the tragics who watches these)
  10. El_Gran_Orgo

    The Game is dead 12 october...

    Just got back from a week away and I’m having heaps of issues finding games on OC. Been trying to find a game for the last 30 minutes (stopping and starting it every two minutes) and finally got into a game with 30 people on the plane. Lame NA sucks for me. I either die from desync or lag if in a gun fight. or am invincible cos I’m lagging and no one can hit me. So it’s not fun either way. I’d love to see a site release stats on current player count per region to see where we are at. Sucks that this game seems to be dying without there being any decent replacement. Cod beta just isn’t for me, felt too much like an arcade game. BF BR only has squads as far as I’m aware, so no solos which sucks. Shit is rough out there
  11. El_Gran_Orgo

    Next Update

    I really don’t get why anyone wants proximity chat except to troll
  12. El_Gran_Orgo

    Don't worry pubg

    We played for a few hours. Exactly like you said, just felt like an arcade game. Won’t be buying the full release.
  13. El_Gran_Orgo

    Solo on OC

    Playin beta this weekend but i have had no issues getting solo matches over last week during the afternoon and evenings
  14. El_Gran_Orgo

    After 1 hour of playing Blackout

    Played a few hours. It’s butter smooth, but the game is too much of an arcade game. Zero suspense, and not half the excitement and thrill pubg has. praying pubg can run a bit smoother after hotfix
  15. El_Gran_Orgo

    I'm not quitting PUBG

    I’m not quitting but I am looking forward to a weekend off trying this beta and hopeful this incoming hotfix is decent