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  1. El_Gran_Orgo


    Yea well docmuented bug. Unfortunately noone wins. If you check pubg detective you can see. Happened to us a few days ago.
  2. El_Gran_Orgo

    Xbox elite controller setups.

    Really like this idea.. might set up my two unused paddles of this and see what its like.
  3. El_Gran_Orgo

    4K Monitor

    Sorry for the old thread bump. But what monitor did you end up getting? and do you rate it? Currently looking at Asus VP28UQG but would love something with higher HZ since xbox now supports it
  4. El_Gran_Orgo

    Teaming on solo maps

    just watching the replay. Looks like they landed together, looted separate buildings then met back up just before seeing you. Quickly checked their last few games on Squad and yes they play together regularly. PUBG detective is your friend (and a teamers enemy). ** out of interest checked a few of their "solo" games and noticed they were both in the same games together. wow work really is slow today for me
  5. El_Gran_Orgo

    Thoughts on OC and AS merge

    well thats not great news
  6. El_Gran_Orgo

    Thoughts on OC and AS merge

    Yea not sure. I dont think Xbox many people in Asia play xbox. But I'm hoping since the population is so large that even a tiny percentage could double our player base.
  7. El_Gran_Orgo

    Suggestion: Consistent player colors

    YES! Our squad always talks about this!
  8. El_Gran_Orgo

    Thoughts on OC and AS merge

    will this mean they might bring FPP back for us??
  9. El_Gran_Orgo

    M16A4 for Dummies

    In the new patch on PTS no AR’s support the 8x.
  10. El_Gran_Orgo

    Tpp is unplayable

    Someone posted this on reddit and I found it interesting just how small the percentage overall players actually choosing to play FPP https://pubgmap.io/telemetry/overview The stats are for PC but I would take a guess that xbox would be very similar, if not more swayed towards TPP since some servers don't even have FPP anymore. I think it gives you a better idea of why the Devs released TPP in the PTS first. I am sure FPP will come in the next day or so to the PTS.
  11. El_Gran_Orgo

    Anyone else

    although I should also point out.. Every time I got a kill I immediately felt pressure like I was being watched.
  12. El_Gran_Orgo

    Anyone else

    One of the guys that killed me went on to get the dinner. At first I started spectating and hoping he would die cos I was salty AF.. But after a while I was fully cheering him on! Even sent him a message afterwards cos he finished with a nice headshot.
  13. El_Gran_Orgo

    With or without shoes?

    whacky jacky did a video on it a while back.. no shoes were louder in houses and quieter outside.. the difference was minimal I wear shoes cos I always feel like my players feet would hurt running in barefeet. Just like I wear a hat cos of the sun in miramar #dadlife
  14. El_Gran_Orgo

    Report Test Server De-sync Issues???

    desync is to be expected as the test server is open to all regions but only NA servers are available.