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  1. levisW

    new style of hacking?

    It is a bug since patch 22. Ive forwarded to the dev from day1. Waiting for a fix.
  2. levisW

    Killed From Behind

    Never. The deathcam is not accurate.
  3. levisW

    Pubg Out of Time

    You made me think buying COD but when I played Beta the graphic was very blurry and idk like cheap... anyways the way PUBG go it makes me buy the game. I know its easy with no recoil and fast action game but at least no desync and maybe more fun than to be frustrated to take 3 bullets in 1 tick.
  4. You really know how to broke a game ! You make a 6 hours maintenance to fk desync again and again and again. And I am curious how players with "recommended pc" play the game, if on high end pc i have fps drops from 300 to 70. You are a joke !
  5. levisW

    Quick marker issue

    That's the way it should be. You mark 150 and if you move to right it will go 160, 170 etc..
  6. I might be lucky , since the region lock fix i have never put outside EU, my pings are 20 to 50ms and have played prime time and very late in the night and had no problems with waiting times or OOR, still have desync but not as bad as before. At least is playable. Has I said hope it stays like that and not mess about again
  7. Idk where you play from i play from EU in EU with EU easy. And hope its stays like that.
  8. Region lock has to stay. Rest can be fixed
  9. because other region was moved to OC . Now if you dont have enough players to fill a server you are moved OOR. Sadly OC has not enough player base for this game at all times
  10. levisW

    What is this?

    It happened to me hundredths of times. You had no reaction time given from server-side. He did see you way before you see him . This is PUBG .
  11. levisW

    Nickname Change

    You have to make sure the nickname is not allready used by someone else. Belive me there are plenty nicknames that you think is unic when in fact others have it allready.
  12. levisW

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    Allways FPP duo or squad and have no problems with waiting times.
  13. levisW

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    Luckily in EU you have an average of 30 sec for Miramar and 1 sec for the rest. Pretty good. But still the map selection could do with multiple selection. Me and my friends play the miramar and erangel. I am guessing EU region dosent hate miramar so much like other regions. Personally i like miramar because you cannot snake around so the map forces everyone to fight and actually play the game
  14. levisW

    clear hit with bike. no kill...

    Looks like a lovely desync