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  1. levisW

    How to avoid ghost peaking?

    I don't know how many of you are experiencing this . When someone peaks me the game doesn't give me time to react or the player apears after I am dead. I play on EU server from UK . My pc can run this game with 144+fps internet connection its stable. So don't know what I am doing wrong. I managed to have plenty chicken dinner's but in most cases I lose the fight because of this.
  2. Most annoying thing in this game is desync, still after many updates weapons spawn late. Die behind cover die from peaking ghosts...
  3. I understand that, but why PUBG desync is worse than any other game? I mean you don't even have the peaker advantage in this game. I think they'r servers sends to much info that is not relevant to you at that time, the game should focus sending info on what is in your range of view and sound.
  4. I know... because of stupid lag. One squad on mylta and came out with nothing. I jump on hacienda and half building empty.
  5. Please can you rework the %loot droop. Its a joke seriously.
  6. levisW

    9/10 crates locked, desync, cheating.

    I am raging here now ! trash servers ! hate it man when game is lagging like hell ,its been like that all week. how you suppose to play when your enemy is teleporting on your screen and ghost peaking and killing you. fuck this man ! feel better now
  7. levisW

    Upgrade game client

    Found out,steam is not working properly. We have to wait till steam fix it. Its not only PUBG affected.
  8. levisW

    Upgrade game client

    Hi, after your last maintenance my game doesn't work. I need to upgrade the game client message appears. I have tried to verify the game files, that didn't help.
  9. levisW

    Constantly crashing on 3200Mhz ram

    I run mine on 8700k overclocked to 4800 and my hyperx ram xmp to 3200 and the game crasher a few times a month.. last month i had about 4 or 5 crashes and all off them when I was reporting a cheater.. "suspected cheater"
  10. levisW

    Tearing/ stuttering

    Its happens to everyone , its not your rig stop messing with setting. PUBG should mess with their game client and servers about this. And not skins.
  11. levisW

    PuBG server and crash

    Hi, game works horrible again. Fine for a week or two with no crash or lag and now my game crashes every 3rd game and the desync is unreal...
  12. levisW

    Need help with my FPS (Ryzen 5 with 1080 TI)

    Try to disable HPET (high precision timer) and VT-d in the mobo's BIOS, and see if that solved the problem. Those are intel technologies that supposedly work with Win10 to improve performance, but in certain applications (such as these games) they have a negative impact. (I'm not too sure about VT-d, however. So if you use integrated graphics, you might want to leave that enabled.
  13. levisW

    Region lock Event Mode please

    You find many players playing on out of region because exploiting the latency advantage. Sad to have to do that instead of try hard and git gud
  14. levisW

    Perception VS Reality

    Yep. A gift "+20 ms delay in your gameplay" enjoy . A coloured t-shirt won't make anybody happy if the gameplay is trash. Just make a screenshot of your character open paint and color your t-shirt as you like.
  15. I don't mean to have full tier from 2 houses. A few patches ago the loot was fine then they decidedto lower the loot wich makes the game boring. 60 players die in first 5 minutes of the game and the rest is all around the map looting. And from 40 remaining 15 die from blue zone. I do jump on hot zone for fight but then til last 2 circle is like playing single player mode