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  1. Don't camp too much and don't chase the circle. Try to learn when to move in safezone and you won't be caught in open by snipers. Let them come to you then its fun
  2. levisW

    Game just doesn't feel right (lag, weirdness)

    Have the same problem. Tried everything i know to troubleshoot but nothing seems to work.
  3. levisW


    Something needs to be done. Its not a fun game to play like that
  4. levisW


    Same playing on EU server. I hope the update from tonight will resolve the problem
  5. levisW


    Not just in closecombat. I just played a game. Where last 12 player . One player camping with sks shoot me 3 bullets in chest lvl3 armour and helmet. The point is that only the last 2 shots i could hear and did have effect on my character. The first bullet still made dmg but no visual impact on my screen or sound. So By the time the game decided to give me some warnings that i am being shoot i died
  6. levisW


    I think is this lag compensation and desync very bad. I play on 144 fps with drops to 40. Why ? I don't know. When I encounter a player i fell like they all prefire on me and i die in 5 ms. No time to react. When i watch the replay the other player is looking somewhere else and still has time to turn and shoot. On my end he appears on my screen all ready shooting . I manage to make a kill in closecombat just when I encounter player with similar ping
  7. levisW

    CPU and GPU at 40%

    I disabled HPET (high precision timer) and VT-d in the mobo's BIOS, and that solved my problem. Those are intel technologies that supposedly work with Win10 to improve performance, but in certain applications (such as these games) they have a negative impact. (I'm not too sure about VT-d, however. So if you use integrated graphics, you might want to leave that enabled.) At least my gpu is on 100% and my cpu on 25% . I have jumped on hot zone and i had no stutter or imput lag. Happy days still got to see what can i do with cpu usage
  8. levisW

    CPU and GPU at 40%

    My windows settings are in high performance but still under 40% .if you see on my photo everything on usage is bellow 40% . My GPU go down to 25% sometimes. I will try that with nvidia see how it works. Any tips to make the game use my pc performance at best? Info: my pc is overclocked but at safe point. I have no problems crashing so don't think this would be an issue
  9. levisW

    Need help with how to aim when leaning

    You aim like the third picture. Even in real life the bullet wil go straight no matter what position you are shooting even upside down and you bulet will drop down and not up hophope i made it clear for you
  10. levisW

    CPU and GPU at 40%

    None of my cores goes to 100%. Maybe first core around 80% but the rest under 40% . I dont expect to have 100% usage but logically if my pubg uses under 40% of my pc resources should not drop on fps so bad the stats u see above are on live server waiting to start the match so I had plenty of players around me
  11. levisW

    CPU and GPU at 40%

    Hello, Is it normal that my GPU and CPU to run under 40% and still have lots of fps drops and stutter? .i have tried to run the game on low and ultra but is no diference. From 144fps drops to 30-60. Used to drop on hot zones now not anymore due to fps drop . It like they just teleport in front of me and by the time i react to press mouse one to shoot I am dead my gpu is nvidia gforxe gtx 1080
  12. levisW

    Cheating Discussion

    Idk what game you play. But you are exagerating. I am playing FPP and don't realy see cheaters except blody norecoil with full spray on 4x
  13. I will try that and come back with feedback. Hope it works