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  1. Maybe just maybe some guys are really freaking good at the game
  2. Mirnes

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    Just got killed behind the covet clear as day if hotfix does not fix this nonsense i will be deleting the game
  3. Worried about making new skins to sell us smdh with this bs
  4. Mirnes

    Pubg on PS4

    Deff not check few gaming sites and ull co
  5. Mirnes

    Pubg on PS4

    Coming near you in december according to multiple sources
  6. Mirnes

    Lag crazy tonight

    I have a 1ms gaming monitor and im getting shot before the guy even peaks on my screen and ends up killing me.they really need to get this sorted out like 5 months ago i cant bealive we are still talking about this year into a game.tell us when will it be fixed or tell us it wont be
  7. Mirnes

    Encourage people to play fpp.

    People will play what they want to play move on with your life op
  8. Mirnes

    Violence Speed Momentum

    Ok mr wanna be dr dis
  9. They cant fix the game on the pc,you guys think they will fix xbox one version of the game.everyone stop kidding your self.the game will never be fixed.simple as that
  10. My #1 issue is desync ,waise of my time untill its fixed
  11. Mirnes

    So many Negative gamers

    I only play few hours a week (4-5 hours) weekly and it really ticks me off when the game runs like horse crap just another day 4 2 round bursts from mutant did not knock this guy when i hit every single shot from 40 meters away,my duo partner and me called it a night after that one.i know im not the only one thats sick abd tired.i love the concept or the game but hits have to register no matter what.
  12. Mirnes

    So many Negative gamers

    You guys are overthinking this -people get tired of same old bs thats been going on for a year u waiste 10-15 min looting and first engagement game does its desync and u get killed.start all over again with the bs such as lag and low frames.thats why i lot of well known youtubers quit on pc and xbox
  13. Mirnes

    Smack in the face

    Pricing is way the hell off thats to me its funny what they are asking for some stupid skins