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  1. Mirnes

    M16 after update...

    Weapon balance is ok just what they did with the guns i dont agree with
  2. Mirnes

    M16 after update...

    True that but we are talking about core GUNPLAY here and its way off the mark
  3. Mirnes

    M16 after update...

    And people will defend the changes all day long,m4 and m16 ,scar are very low recoil guns in real life as is.in the game they kick like you are shooting a 308 round instead of a 5.56
  4. Mirnes

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    Played few games this morning,everyone i encountered has god aim and i was instakilled.smashed my xbox one x n controller to 1000 pieces.overall good update
  5. Mirnes

    pts live in 24-48 hours

    Can me and you trade our X’s.live server for me loads in buildings a lot better then PTS.
  6. You know what the funny thing is? That a lot of people for one think you are just full of sh.. and that the game runs “perfect”. For the most powerful consule i can tell you that for me i have all kinda issues but the most game breaking one is hugr frame drops in combat.untill thats fixed i will not be happy.Oh and by the way i am wired,nat type open and 89% free hard drive
  7. Runs like crap for me on the X.
  8. Mirnes

    One X on test server

    I tell you one thing pts version runs like crap on the x i have no idea how they can have the most powerful xbox out of the 3 models run the worst.at this point im just exhausted from frame drops,lag,desync aiming issues,sound cut outs.
  9. Mirnes

    Added recoil to ARs

    They should of left the dang ars alone and upped the damage to the smgs,the way they have it now why pick up a ar over ump or vector...
  10. Mirnes

    Recoil buff on 556 guns

    Just got off, they really jacked up the recoil of 556 guns,they kick like you are shooting a 308.even single fire sucks
  11. Mirnes

    Please Read Bluehole!

    Im kinda on his side,they should of just buffed smgs slightly and left the dang ars alone
  12. I think s has the best frames
  13. Mirnes

    Are you for real

    5.56 should always have more damage vs 9mm and .45acp close range or long range.END OF STORY. Only thing 9mm and .45 should have is easie to control weapons thats it
  14. Mirnes

    Game Volume

    Same here they deff jacked up the volume,turn it backk uppp