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  1. Was on vacation in cancun when patch dropped,finally got a chance to play today wow just wow the fps is a lot better loving the update feels a lot better and im not as pissed off anymore when i die. Been getting a lot more kills lately .i guess all this time fps was my main factor in getting killed ,not anymore now its my actions that get me kills or get me killed i love it
  2. Hahahaha some onecis hyped
  3. Mirnes

    FIXPUBG updated on xbox side

    If u like extra skins they buy the pass
  4. Mirnes

    Pubg Remains a Powerhouse BR

    I will be giving another try wheb hotfix drops,8if its runs like crap i will put it down untill the next hotfix
  5. Mirnes

    Server Performance

    Thats frame drops
  6. Yes blackout is amazing on xbox one x
  7. Also no specs from them on how much frames increased with all that stuff turned off,would be nice to know.
  8. Deff turned off after 1.0...too many problems with the game.i feel like im waisting my time with the game,first gun fight major frame drops and back to main screen.i can deal with other problems but frame drops like this deff not
  9. Mirnes

    How how how how how

    U guys keep defending the game its ok we all know it runs perfect 😒 cough cough in my dreams tbh game runs like crap on the X to the point i barely play anymore
  10. Hardly even play after 1.0 with all the problems and bs.
  11. Mirnes

    Any Word on a Hot Fix Coming?

    I love the silence from the devs i dont think they even know how to fix the issues they created
  12. What gets me is that the lack of communication from anyone On when all these problems will be fixed.i am one of the many that wont spend another dime on this game untill game breaking bugs are fixed
  13. Mirnes

    Got my first hate mail...

    Loll yup
  14. Stop living in you little bubble and look at all the complaints on the forum,such as desync frame drops crap not loading,people getting kicked out of the game server disconnects, bty my internet is just fine and i run wired xbox one x. So somehow you console is superiour to everyone elses