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  1. parad0x 667

    HUGE SNOW MAP NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did they take the description away? can't find it on my ps4. all I see is a Miramar Theme as a bonus
  2. parad0x 667

    Pubg free on Ms Store right now

    "free for the weekend" games, usually are available on Friday, not in the middle of the week.
  3. I'll buy BO4 for one reason only. The only reason that I keep buying Treyarch's CoDs. Zombies
  4. Sure. Trophies unlock 5 minutes later after you earn them.
  5. I've encountered this one time in the "early days" fun as hell and a complete chaos
  6. parad0x 667

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    pubg known problems on a crappy online service. sure, why not
  7. parad0x 667

    Blackout Beta is live...

    First person only??
  8. parad0x 667

    Premium pass / Sanhok Missions

    Nevermind. They are unlocked now
  9. parad0x 667

    Premium pass / Sanhok Missions

    Sanhok missions are still locked although I purchased the premium pass. Why? Did I purchase the wrong pass?
  10. The only achievement that didn't pop for me is the one that I had to equip a suppressed weapon in every slot.
  11. parad0x 667

    achievements work?

    Achievements popping on the xbox app on my mobile phone, not on the console hmmm
  12. parad0x 667

    1.0 waiting

    So, the update will be available after the maintenance?
  13. parad0x 667

    16 hours?

    If 16 hours would make Sanhok run smooth on release, I don't have a problem with that. After all, PTS will be live
  14. parad0x 667

    pts down ?

    PTS is NA and solo TPP only. There's no need to play on the PTS. Just spend all BP and G and return to the live servers
  15. parad0x 667

    pts down ?

    Remember remember the 4th of September, it's going to be chaotic!!