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  1. parad0x 667

    Umm aviator crate?

    Personally, I don't care about microtransactions. But, you know what's funny? Since I woke up today, I've seen so many posts like yours in here and on Facebook and now it's bed time and none of the devs cared to tell us what the hell is going on.
  2. parad0x 667

    Haven’t received any crate

    you can try to spend some bp and buy some crates and if you're lucky you'll get one. People are claiming that they got them from the regular crates
  3. parad0x 667


    Well, we get announcements almost every week. I just wanted clarification of what's happening today with all those random drops of skins and locked crates. Those were my thoughts, plus I don't live in the US
  4. parad0x 667


    is this the announcement that some people were talking about? NEXT
  5. Rocket League have crates that drop every 15-20 mins of gameplay. Those crates open with keys. One key costs 1.5€/$. The thing is that Rocket League have a built-in game hub which allow you to trade with other players the stuff you don't need with stuff you're looking for. They are all cosmetics. The only problem is, that due to Microsoft restrictions, you can't trade keys. But you can easily trade them on ps4 and pc. I'm not sure about Switch, haven't played it there.
  6. I'm still confused about this. Don't the skins come with the triumph crate? This fella got a skin in the raider crate and another guy got one in the desperado. I mean, what is happening and who is trolling who
  7. parad0x 667

    Elite Controller Set Ups!

    left trigger locked. medium size thumbstick on the left. big size thumbstick on the right. both thumbsticks on instant movement. two paddles for crouch and jumping.
  8. parad0x 667

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    So its like random drop, cause I didn't get anything like this. Well, we still got the 2nd event rewards, who knows
  9. parad0x 667

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    I just like to add to the "trade discussion", I'm guessing that you won't be able to trade keys due to Microsoft restrictions. Like rocket league.
  10. parad0x 667

    I just got a weapon Skin crate

    how did you get that?
  11. parad0x 667

    Weapon skins

    and right here, ladies and gentlemen, you can see why the whole gaming industry has gone to sh*t
  12. parad0x 667


    to summarise this post. you DON'T use mic. you DON'T want your teammates to speak. you DON'T want to use LFG. you DO want quality teammates. Good luck.
  13. parad0x 667


    stop playing with randoms and make some friends. problem solved
  14. parad0x 667


    or you just could start the engine, crush the car on a tiny rock, explode. that will silence it forever
  15. parad0x 667


    Yes! No more cry-posts about the "unplayable tpp"