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  1. Madmaxima7

    How to fix Aim Acceleration

    Couldn't agree with you guys more. I'm just posting to make this topic HOT!!!
  2. I think I had a sunset and that's been it so far 😢. Game still rocks though!!!
  3. Madmaxima7

    When is this game going to be fixed?

    Works a lot better now for a lot of us. Haven't crashed a single time in like 100 games. Hit registration is better as long as your internet holds its end up. I think by the way you're talking, you must be on PC. Sankok is a great looking map. You should be happy you get to play it. Hell 30 bucks! That's chump change for hundreds of hrs of entertainment
  4. Madmaxima7

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    Just got use to aim acc off and it feels way better and easier to aim. It's also faster to get use to as far as tweaking sensitivity settings go.
  5. Madmaxima7

    Loot on Erengal

    Hell, recently I dropped in school near the plane path and not a single player dropped there. Good thing for them cuz I only found an uzi, a shotgun, and a 9mm pistol. Plus everything else was pathetic. I was astonished. I even looted the entire pool building and everything.
  6. Madmaxima7

    Loot on Erengal

    Yeah, even the small houses in miramar will at least have a weapon and ammo with some other stuff. On erangel I can loot 10+ med-large houses and not have a backpack, or a decent weapon, nor helmets for some reason. It's definitely a thing. Even noticed a lot of other people I kill in the middle and even late game don't have much
  7. Madmaxima7

    Xbox sign in issues for some

    Yep can't sign into xbox live right now. Sucks cuz I really want to download this hotfix 😢
  8. Madmaxima7

    Chicken dinners on PTS?

    Yeah I was finding them all the time a couple weeks ago, but I can't find them anymore either
  9. Really been enjoying using the ac-130 gunship killstreak lately. Too bad it nearly causes the game to crash every time. Good job blueballs!
  10. Madmaxima7

    Dynamic weather percentage poll

    A thousand times, YES!!
  11. Madmaxima7

    Magician's Challenge

    Got some savages up in this post
  12. Madmaxima7

    PUBG ambient life, part 1.

    Someone else had an idea of vultures flying around dead bodies. Would be cool to add creatures
  13. Madmaxima7

    PUBG ambient life, part 1.

    You just made my night