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  1. Madmaxima7

    Did I hit this guy at all or not?

    Plus you were aiming down your sights. At that range, I dont care if you're strafing, jumping, or doing a flying V. You stayed on his body plenty to have killed him 2 and a half times
  2. Madmaxima7

    Did I hit this guy at all or not?

    Should've been a kill after you dragged your sights across his body for the third time
  3. I'd be happy with just a solid 30 fps, especially during CQC
  4. Madmaxima7

    Increase cross hair brightness

    Pretty sure they're talking about the crosshairs, when hip aiming or pre-aiming, not the sight reticle
  5. Madmaxima7


    Haha yea man, get sniper attachments, 2 exd. Qd., 3 med kids, level 2 armor and backpack, and about 300 rounds between 3 types but not even a SMG much less an AR. They need to tweak the chance of the regular weapons. I'm not talking m4s and kar 98s but at least an m16 or a Ump.
  6. Madmaxima7

    Freeze and unfreezing ingame

    Got me killed 3 or 4 times yesterday. Very annoying
  7. So recently I've been getting this annoyance of just my regular aiming(hip aiming) sticking when turning to the right and only the right. Cant find anything on it here or through google. Not sure if it's my controller or another PUBG thing. Anyone else getting this too or have suggestions? By the way, I'm not talking about small input lag or over the shoulder aim. It's gotten worse recently and about every 3rd time now, even when the right thumbstick is pushed to the far right, it will slow down to a grind and then pick back up again. Makes it hard to loot and CQC. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Madmaxima7

    Landing with me yet invisible

    It seems to have gotten worse after patch 14. I think I got mine around patch 12 or so and it was definitely better for me then than now
  9. Madmaxima7

    Landing with me yet invisible

    It use to be much worse for me before I got the SSD. It still does it though sometimes but I can at least hear their footsteps and door sounds
  10. Madmaxima7


    Yeah I kind of agree with you. Even though its suppose to be rng, they should incorporate a few exceptions
  11. Madmaxima7

    Is This A Fact?

    It's the overall rating in the leaderboards page was what I was referring to
  12. Madmaxima7

    Is This A Fact?

    It seems to be random. I was getting smoked a couple weeks ago around 1700, was about to switch back to battlefield but now I'm destroying people all of a sudden at 1900. Players seem to vary in skill level still pretty drastically. Even late at night.
  13. So.. you were shooting a tad behind him and couldn't quite get your aim back on him with the sks. Then when u shot your ak you should've hugged your cover tighter while lean over the shoulder bursts. Problem was u were staying still for too long and he had a good burst on you
  14. Madmaxima7


    I can say that I haven't had any rubberbanding once. I've crashed twice out 15 or so games both on miramar. Still a little rough with miramar buildings loading but not as bad as before the patch. Erangel feels really good though. Sorry for some you others. I'm on the OG with an SSD and hard wired
  15. Madmaxima7

    Servers are up and running

    I'm playin good too but I refuse to play that God forsaken desert map