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  1. Madmaxima7

    PTS Strategy

    Watching streamers play the game. Sure the cqc plays like cod, but everything else plays like a better pubg battle royale. Map rotations, gate keeping, positioning, final 3 circles. Just plays better in general. But that's just my opinion too
  2. Madmaxima7

    PTS Strategy

    Seriously, I just looked at Conan Exiles newest update, and it was astonishing the amount of equally new content with the amount of bug fixes and cheater fixes. Plus better combat mechanics. The list went on and on. That was their 34th patch. What has been accomplished with pubg since 1.0 release? Two new guns and 2 dumb vehicles and a silly spotting reticle. That have zero added interest in me wanting to play the game. How will it draw in new players if the seasoned vets are sick of it
  3. Madmaxima7


    Test server almost always gets put onto live server regardless of the bugs. Then they use hot fixes for the next month or so fixing them
  4. Wow! That desync was so bad
  5. Madmaxima7


    Player brings up a legitimate problem on the official forum specifically designed to bring up problems. Other players that run into the same problems rebuke his problem.
  6. Madmaxima7

    AR50 World Spawn

    This is just great!! 🍿
  7. There seems to be a trend lately of using "satire" as an escape route. No winky faces, no sarcasm, no satire
  8. I was only able to get into one game became matchmaking wasn't working. Now it's already over. Sad...it was fun too
  9. Madmaxima7


    Just say no!! Game developers will keep getting worse if we let them. Soon you'll have to pay to get to each checkpoint. Where does this crap end. 20 bucks for a few skins. Make terrible unlockables so you feel compelled to buy better looking stuff. F this. Remember when you could unlock everything without paying
  10. Madmaxima7

    Suggestion - FPP - Vehicles

    The buggy has the roll cage bar almost in the middle of the already poor FOV, so is it suppose to be like real life or not. How many people would have the roll cage in the middle of your view in real life. That's always been one of the problems with this game is that they pull the realism card for one thing and then pull the video game card for the other.
  11. Madmaxima7

    Dear, Bluehole

    And yet everyone is more concerned if you call them bluehole or pubg corp as if it really matters more than the actual core problems with the game.
  12. Madmaxima7


    The real question, is why are we paying money for missions and skins that are on a timer and most likely to repeat after every month.
  13. Madmaxima7

    PUBG is dead

    This has been getting pretty bad for me too for the last week or 2. Can't even get onto erangel anymore
  14. Same here, never got the second one
  15. Madmaxima7

    Fair play or D@&k move?

    That's a fun hunt typically right there but since you had exchanged fire earlier sounds like you were hunting a goldfish