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  1. Realeasing new content but not fixing the issues in the game... you released this game broken and claimed it as a fully functioning game but its still horrible... Building dont load on first drop and frame rates make me sick now with this silly update. If you keep releasing content without fixing the main issues, this game will fail once the arsenal of br games floods the market this winter. You are on thin ice bluehole. If you cant fix this game, then say goodbye to the majority of your player base.
  2. Ccramer1

    Two Suggestions for the Dev team

    I seriously like this idea! You spend 30 minutes playing a round and to have at least an optional 5 minutes of laughs would be awesome! 30 minutes of stress amd 5 minutes of laughs would definitely keep me playing.
  3. Ccramer1

    camper or predator

    Does a lion run around trying to find its prey or does it wait until the time is opportune to strike to gain maximum advantage over its unsuspecting prey? I think you dont understand how a predator actually works. Stealth, wait, strike effectively and quickly. If run and gun is your style then so be it, youll never see me until its too late. See you at dinner.
  4. Ccramer1

    Map select

    This is also leading me to not play the game nearly as much. Im getting super ezcited for the other battlr royale games coming this winter.