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  1. Realeasing new content but not fixing the issues in the game... you released this game broken and claimed it as a fully functioning game but its still horrible... Building dont load on first drop and frame rates make me sick now with this silly update. If you keep releasing content without fixing the main issues, this game will fail once the arsenal of br games floods the market this winter. You are on thin ice bluehole. If you cant fix this game, then say goodbye to the majority of your player base.
  2. Ccramer1

    Two Suggestions for the Dev team

    I seriously like this idea! You spend 30 minutes playing a round and to have at least an optional 5 minutes of laughs would be awesome! 30 minutes of stress amd 5 minutes of laughs would definitely keep me playing.
  3. Ccramer1

    camper or predator

    Does a lion run around trying to find its prey or does it wait until the time is opportune to strike to gain maximum advantage over its unsuspecting prey? I think you dont understand how a predator actually works. Stealth, wait, strike effectively and quickly. If run and gun is your style then so be it, youll never see me until its too late. See you at dinner.
  4. Ccramer1

    Map select

    This is also leading me to not play the game nearly as much. Im getting super ezcited for the other battlr royale games coming this winter.
  5. Ccramer1

    Sanhok and Map Selection

    It makes sence that they deny map selection as nobody would play miramar, and without people playing miramar, they cannot fix the bugs. So their tactic is to force players onto the map against their will so they can workout the bugs. This tactic will not only lose a chunk of players but also reduce the games ability to succeed as the developers arent focused on what the players want, they only focua on what the developement team thinks the players want. If they really want to take this game up a notch, they would seriously listen to the players, you know, the ones paying them. If the players dont want miramar, then dont force it on them. If the players are upset about damage levels of weapons, then adjust it. If the players want a new map other than muramar, then give them a new map. My work pays me to do a job, im not going to tell them they dont know what they are doing as they are the ones paying me. Can i explain this any differently? Watch me get in trouble for this post...
  6. Ccramer1

    How Many Shots Does It Take?!

    It seriously seems like the sks got nerfed bad. It literally took 9 shots to kill someone tonight with it. 4 to knock, 5 to kill. Im sick of it.
  7. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that i have not had one single crash since this last update! Thank you for fixing this and you have retained me as a game player. I almost stopped playing for good but this brought me back. My main comaints now are the loading issues on miramar as building dont load for 30 sevonds after i hit the dirt. And the rubberbanding is horrible at the beginning but i see you are working on addressing that. My second complaint is that i have started to suck at playing because i stopped playing for a month or so. Can you please release an update to make me better? If not, i will just have to work on not sucking so bad. Thank you!
  8. I swear i zeroed a 4x scope a few times as well and was thrown off the other day when i couldnt... im almost dead certain of this too..