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    Weekly mission reset already?

    I assume it's exactly like the pc version in that there is no limit. You just keep leveling up with a guaranteed item every 10 levels.
  2. krazeh

    New SQ Skin Prices

    Don't wear a helmet?
  3. Just kill knocked players, then you'll get it counted towards the mission. Simples.
  4. krazeh

    Fifty player mode for noobs

    How exactly would this help?
  5. Pretty sure anything like the Xim is already constrained by the same input 'rules' as controllers. It can't provide any sort of input that you couldn't already do with a controller. I don't think it's anything like a native K+M experience on a PC.
  6. krazeh

    Why is this acceptable?

    It works just as well as plenty of other 'full' games I've played in the past. It was hell of a lot cheaper as well.
  7. krazeh

    Why is this acceptable?

    Yeah, I paid money for it. It was about £15 and I've had many many many many hours of fun for my money. Does the game have issues? Yeah. Are they so bad it renders the game unplayable? In my view, no. The game, as it is now, is much better than it was in earlier stages of game preview. Of course there's still work to do but it is happening. If it's too slow for your liking then there's plenty of other things for you to do with your time. I'm happy to continue playing, deal with the odd issue which crops up during a session, and wait for upcoming fixes and additions to improve the game.
  8. How do you decide whether a gained advantage is fair or not?
  9. There's no such thing. Having a headset gives you an advantage over someone who doesn't. Expensive headsets can give you an advantage over cheaper headsets. The elite controller gives you an advantage over the standard controller. 3rd party controllers give you advantages over MS controllers. Having a bigger/better TV or monitor gives you an advantage. The list goes on and on... Just to be clear, I'm not saying that using a k+m wouldn't give someone an advantage, it might or it might not. Mainly depending on their familiarity with it versus their skills with a controller, but can we please stop trying to pretend that a) it turns everyone into Shroud and b) that everyone else in game is on an entirely equal footing with no advantages gained from the equipment they're using.
  10. At the point your video appears to show a very slight bit of movement on the bottom left of the tree I'd reckon he was.
  11. Except he wasn't obviously invisible. Aside from the fact he's quite bleeding obvious when he starts shooting, the video does appear to show movement behind the tree (where he was hiding) at about 17 seconds in. It's not the trickiest thing in the world to use third party peeking to keep yourself pretty much hidden as someone moves towards you and then pop out behind them, it doesn't mean you're invisible...
  12. Obviously I did say that as you've quoted my post. And yes I did watch the video. What's your point?
  13. If you watch the video at reduced speed there appears to be something moving behind the tree at about 0:17 seconds, almost looks like a gun as someone shuffles around to keep the tree between them and you...
  14. Maybe you should've considered aiming at him? Rather than to the side of him?
  15. krazeh

    Automatic region selection

    This is in the current PC PTS patch notes: Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region If you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on I'd imagine that anything they implement on the Xbox will work in a similar fashion.