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  1. Ok - So I received the NVMe and enclosure today. I performed each of the below tests on a Xbox One X 10 times and took the average of each for comparison. Game start to "Press A" - 9.3% faster SSD = 15.4 NVMe = 14.09 Sign in to Character Render - 1.82% faster (I think that is because of downloaded data from Xbox Live as the drive does not seem to be loading much here) SSD = 13.45 NVMe = 13.21 Sanhok lobby load to character and buildings render - 15.85% faster SSD = 25.87 NVMe = 22.33 As I expected NVMe is up to 15% faster. I would expect that the more data there was to load the higher the percentage as indicated above. Does this mean that the NVMe is worth the money? Probably not. But what it does show is that the Xbox is limited by the speed of the bus and the bus is running above the speed of a Samsung EVO 850. UserBenchmark puts the average sequential read speed of the 850 EVO at 467MBs. That would lead me to believe that the NVMe is doing sequential reads somewhere around 540MBs. Which is a shame as the NVMe's average sequential read benchmarks at 2150MBs.
  2. I have seen that video. He doesn't test NVMe. What I am interested in is if the external NMVe is faster than an external SSD. In theory it should be about 15% faster.
  3. Sure it depends on what else is going on on the bus. The one thing he is right on is that an internal SSD would be faster than an external SSD in an Xbox One X. As the Xbox one X is SATA III it has a limit of 6Gbps compared to the USB3.0 bus of 4.8Gbps. An OG Xbox one is SATA II so an internal SSD will never outperform an external SSD. Too lazy to look up the specs on the S.
  4. Sorry but not buying it. Also pay attention to your lower case b and upper case B as they mean totally different things. Even if you were right about the REAL speeds your post as written is off by a factor of 8 I have an Xbox One X and will post PUBG loading time results from the internal drive, an 850 EVO and the NVMe once my NVMe gets delivered today.
  5. Not sure where you are getting you data but... Interface Maximum Speeds SATA = 300MBs USB 2.0 = 480mbs/60MBs USB 3.0/USB 3.1 GEN 1 = 4.8gbs/640MBs USB 3.1 GEN 2 = 10gbs/1250MBs Given all Xbox One's are USB 3.0 the maximum transfer you can expect is 640MBs. As the fastest SSD's are 550MBs your theoretical max is 550MBs. If you were to replace your internal HDD with a SSD drive your theoretical max would be 300MBs. If you were to use NMVe attached to USB 3.0 your theoretical max goes up to 640MBs as the NMVe performance is well above the maximum performance of both USB3.0 and USB3.1 GEN2.
  6. The problem is the Xbox One only supports USB 3.0. Which has a max of 650MBs.
  7. The limiting factor is the USB 3.1 interface on the XBOX which has a higher speed at 3gbps than both the SATA SSD and a NVMe PCIe drive interfaced to USB 3.1. I fully expect 1000-1400MBps reads compared to the 560MBps reads of a Samsung EVO.
  8. I'm going to try a NVMe. Should be able to get 2-3x faster reads than the SATA SSD's
  9. ruder

    Does UAZ exist on Sanhok?

    Finally found it on the road by Kampong
  10. ruder

    Does UAZ exist on Sanhok?

    Been looking all day for the UAZ