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  1. Prinzar

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    That’s been in the game for months, especially when driving a buggy. I encountered it again last night. I think it’s worse when the player is knocked, so may have something to do with their crawling animation
  2. I don’t even pick up an m16 any more unless there is nothing else. The recoil is too much for me at closer range, and it’s not accurate with a scope any more. The Scar and M416 are still good when kitted out with attachments. I think the grip is the main difference between the AR’s being solid or a liability
  3. Prinzar

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    Still having some desync issues. Clear headshots hitting many times but not killing them and then dying when in total cover. The car damage needs addressing. Ran somebody over in the buggy at 80kmph, which knocked him. Turned around and got him again at 70kmph but his crawling body just stuck on the grill and didn’t kill him when he fell under the wheels (even from being knocked).
  4. Prinzar

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    When my squad died last night one told me I had 5 people spectating me. I only have 2 teammates, so it was really odd to know the people I killed were watching me. Really adds the pressure
  5. Prinzar

    Can we get a spam lock?

    Agreed. The forums look a mess with these stupid spam bot posts
  6. I love how you can get killed by a rolling car, but if you hit an enemy at 100kmph they bounce off the car and fly a large distance but still don’t die🙄
  7. Prinzar

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Did you play it yesterday and sounds were fine? I played yesterday and couldn’t hear a thing, but tried today and it’s as good as the live server. Sounds like the total opposite of your experience. Must be an intermittent problem
  8. Prinzar

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    I’m surprised there are so few comments on the sound. After my last post I was up in a high building. Couldn’t hear the sounds to tell if the enemies were coming up stairs, looting, leaving or whatever. The sound is just a mumbled and quiet shuffle. Even with my sound on full (way too loud on the live game) it’s impossible to hear
  9. Prinzar

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    OG x1 with ssd and 70 d/l, 20u/l hardwired. Using Turtlebeach Px24’s With the superhuman hearing on and mini amp set nicely for live server. The sound on the test server is poor. Can’t hear footsteps within the same warehouse (10ft behind). Couldn't hear a chute opening a few steps behind me. Team mate had to alert me that somebody else had landed with me. You don’t make the thumping sound when dropping off a roof, or when climbing you don’t have the normal sounds either
  10. I’m playing on a 48” Samsung 4K HDR tv using the OG console, and just set my hdmi to gaming so every time I select that hdmi it automatically uses that mode. It’s perfectly clear for me without adjusting any brightness etc
  11. Had 2 crashes since the fix. One was our whole squad when in the final 10 players (2 came back dead and the other died to the playzone), and the other time was just a late game one for me. I used to crash while driving at least 2-3 times a day so it’s been a significant reduction
  12. Prinzar

    Ready button hotfix

    When they describe it as being a “potential fix” it doesn’t fill me with confidence. Hopefully it’s been tested thoroughly on closed systems so it doesn’t cause any new issues
  13. Prinzar

    OG Xbox

    Problem is the game is an Xbox one game, and he’s running an Xbox one. The game should work as a minimum. Yes, expect better graphics etc on the 1X, but it’s fair to expect a game should work on the console it’s been bought for I use an OG console and paid for an ssd last month. I recommend it to everyone
  14. I was one shot killed with a Kar98 headshot through fresh level 3 helmet from full health. Game has been ok for me. Only landed school once but died too quickly to assess FPS drops. Hacienda was more stable than usual. So far spent 4 hours playing since the patch and it’s beeb more stable overall. Buggies are still a death trap on invisible bumps though and urgently need addressing
  15. Prinzar

    Top of leaderboards in CRISIS

    An Elo rating system is dynamic, so it will give you varying scores, but an early death in one game shouldn’t be causing so much trouble. How many dinners do you need to compensate for one 97th (or whatever) place?