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  1. Prinzar

    Types of Player

    I’m more wannabe ninja than coward, when I do use cover I still try to get the kills
  2. Prinzar

    Don't be that person

    Ok I’m an idiot and had stats of somebody else on my screen. It’s been a long morning
  3. Prinzar

    Don't be that person

    Why create a topic about this on a forum where the chances are the person you’re talking about in point 1 probably isn’t even a user of the forums? It just sounds like a brag. 55% win rate in squads, top 10 95% of the time.
  4. Use pubglookup, find your game, and see how long you were alive first. Then check your health stats per gunfight breakdown. You should be able to find the evidence to screenshot in here
  5. Prinzar

    Random Squads

    1 man squads are preferable to playing with a bunch of randoms for me at least. I don’t want to bother looting before some teammate shoots me to take my stuff
  6. Prinzar

    Your game

    You think Fifa is going to take away any PUBG players? Seriously it died a very early death last season because of Fornite and PUBG, combined with EA’s inability to make a game that actually works. The analogy of jumping out of a chip pan and into the fire comes to mind. Circle management is the most important aspect of this game. Being in the right place at the end of the game gives you a huge advantage/disadvantage with position, health and a need to heal
  7. I hid in a house with a machete and waited until somebody came running in with a Scar. Had to wait patiently as he searched the other rooms so he was more off guard, then hacked away. It takes 3 hits so may not be the best strategy, but it got the job done
  8. Prinzar

    HRTF option missing?

    Was removed with 1.0 but they didn’t say in the patch notes. Was also missing from the PTS with the G coins before 1.0 went live
  9. Prinzar

    Need to vent.. my squad regulars.

    Some of my squad have moved on since these challenges started with the Sanhok release. Been trying some 1 and 2 man squads to reach some of the squad requirements. Ironically, I got the 3 kills to make us win the chicken dinner on the last game we played all together. You’re better without them if they’ve decided to move on. The game should be fun
  10. Prinzar

    Did y'all go through a time...

    I’m still not good but I can manage my way to a top 10 in solo fairly often. I don’t get many kills but I like to play quite aggressively, so lately I’ve been trying to control that and take my time to put me in the 10 with good loot, heals and health. The kills come a little easier there because some are already on poor health, no helmets etc, and others lay prone and become easy targets. My advice would be to try and play with the expectation that top 10 is essential, and the kills and wins should come easier
  11. Prinzar

    BP farming

    Probably so his teammate can take out some of the trouble, and allow him to survive a little longer each time
  12. Prinzar

    Ok.. I'm calling BS on this

    Pubglookup says it was 750.77m. I wonder how there’s such a large variation Either way, he was only hit once on his screen, not with multiple headshots.
  13. Prinzar

    Ok.. I'm calling BS on this

    He killed him with an uzi from 750m away!
  14. Prinzar

    Ok.. I'm calling BS on this

    I can’t explain it. You were hit once on your screen, not even a headshot. With an uzi that’s not a kill. You went to ~70% health from that single shot, and then it dropped all your health for no reason. I question how somebody got down and found the gun so quick. How they saw you so high up How they managed to hit you given that the uzi is massively inaccurate How it did any damage considering the distance away you must have been Would be nice to get some official thoughts on this. Have you reported it to the bug team?
  15. Prinzar

    Suggestion - FPP - Vehicles

    I don’t think it’s broken, but try driving a car without moving your head off the headrest and never past the 180 degrees. The heights, and positions aren’t natural. Try driving down a steep hill, most of the time you can’t see where you’re going I play a lot of FPP on pc but TPP on Xbox because my squad prefer it. Driving is the main thing that stops them