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  1. 4 solo wins and probably close to 30 top 3’s.
  2. Prinzar


    I agree, keep the game free. I had such a good weekend that I’ve finally got a rank for the first time ever. More of the same please
  3. Prinzar

    New vehicles are rubbish

    Purely for realism. Any vehicle on Sanhok is a death trap, but at least in the Camper you could use it like a mini tank to escape. The tuk tuk and scooter are just so slow and open that you’re a very good chance to die using them
  4. I was a bit dubious that maybe a third person was causing the shots on you at first, but it looks like he’s deliberately shaking his gun everywhere, not even trying to hit, but knowing it will, and it does on the other person. What is going on? That’s not lag or desync
  5. Prinzar

    New SQ Skin Prices

    3 times last night. One game both members of the duo had the same costume, so me and my wife both stole the outfits. Haven’t seen a single Joker one though
  6. Prinzar

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Disappointed that the custom games aren’t really customisable yet. I wanted to adjust spawn rates but the option went even though the patch notes had it in. How long does it take to fix the movement issue from the last patch? I’m used to it in gameplay and it doesn’t make much difference, but gliding in is very sensitive and because my dead zone is up to 90 the cars handle terribly. Game was running well for me this evening though. Lag seemed less than the past few nights
  7. Prinzar

    New SQ Skin Prices

    I keep taking the Harley Quinn costumes when I kill somebody in them. No way I’m paying for it at those prices. My male character looks oddly comfortable in a pair of hot pants and fishnets ?
  8. I’m down for this. No way I would win, but it sounds fun
  9. Prinzar

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    Any change to movement? Is it back to normal and you can run straight?
  10. Prinzar

    Pubg free on Ms Store right now

    There are a lot of rumours that PC version will go F2P too. I would expect it to happen for console too in the near future
  11. Prinzar

    Add loot to big maps

    Loot quality dropped in school, military, Novo a long time ago. It’s much more noticeable now when you see whichever AR you want on Sanhok multiple times. The GLL competitive games on PC use an extra 40% and have more vehicles. That would really make the bigger maps more entertaining
  12. Prinzar

    This week's community post?

    I’m curious why they are testing a fix for something that they introduced without telling us, and knew they had introduced it. It’s not like a bug that they don’t know the cause. Its pretty simple to stop the gliding effect, change the dead zone back to how it was, or is there a reason it was brought in?
  13. Prinzar

    Proximity chat?

    Tell me a good use of proximity chat that you would use and I can think of several reasons more to argue against it
  14. Prinzar

    Any post update sensitivity issues?

    Any official update on this? I saw that it was being investigated days ago No chance of a hotfix to put things back to normal?
  15. Prinzar

    Who Purchased any Halloween Items?

    Only bought the butchers one and the skull mask because they gave us the 20,000BP anyway so basically a freebie