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  1. Mr.Orange

    Map Selection

    Because it doesn't. They're trying to put 100 people together in one match...sometimes you'll get the same map a few times in a row. It's RNG - literally what PUBG is all about.
  2. Mr.Orange

    Map Selection

    I really don't want to come across as an a** here but...what is the purpose of this thread? This option is coming at the end of summer/fall. So what exactly is your intended purpose with this thread?
  3. Mr.Orange

    Healing and moving

    I like how it is. Sure it could be advantageous for me to be able to move, but it would also give an advantage to the other 99 players I'm facing off against. I'd rather have it the way it is, but that's just me.
  4. Mr.Orange

    Community challenge rewards?

    I believe they were free crates given out during the E3 PTS. Folks were upset that we hadn't gotten them by the morning of the day they were due, and by the time the crates reset we had two free crates waiting for us. So timing is most likely when crates reset, so Mondays? ***I misspoke - check this thread out - it was for the PTS, not E3:
  5. Mr.Orange

    Community challenge rewards?

    Fair enough, still one day left. I recall posts recently lamenting the lack of communication because "they said we'd get info by X-day and we haven't gotten it" only to get it a few hrs later. Let's wait until tomorrow has passed before we start lamenting the headhunter items not being received. If memory serves me right the previous challenge was the same thing for the reward: given on the last day at the last possible hour. Just sayin.
  6. Mr.Orange

    Community challenge rewards?

    Semantics (a LOT of sarcasm here). Agreed, a week is Sunday to Saturday, not Monday-Friday.
  7. Right-D pad allows you to cycle through your throwables, same as you being able to cycle through your meds/drinks, and it doesn't equip them when using control layout B, at least for me. Unless I'm super stoned and missed something here...
  8. Mr.Orange

    Losing my patience with loot crates

    I'm just banking my BP. It's too infuriating and downright insulting to get the same shit multiple times in a row. This is something the devs clearly don't care about and are focusing on microtransaction-only cosmetic items because...money pays the bills. So I've just stopped. Funny thing: the disappointment stopped too! Hey @Andymh5 is there anything you can share with us concerning the status of the loot crates? Thanks for your time.
  9. Mr.Orange

    Please stop resetting my settings.

    How dare you use common sense... The nerve on ya!!! 🤣
  10. Mr.Orange

    Please stop resetting my settings.

    What authority do you have to make this type of request? Maybe the mods deleted your thread because the subject has been discussed and acknowledged by devs. Oh wait, that wouldn't serve your narrative...it's all about you. It's not censorship this is a private website. We are mere guests. My comments got deleted as well but you don't see me creating a thread about it. You can be sour but this is childish.
  11. Mr.Orange

    Shot Distances with Kills Please.

    Maybe this would be a feature best suited for single player then?
  12. Mr.Orange

    Shot Distances with Kills Please.

    Everyone knows real men/women/whatevergenderyouidentifyas play PUBG.
  13. You can set the range on iron sights? Or are you talking about holding your breath? I've never tried setting the range (what I understand to be "zeroing a sight") on iron sights.
  14. OP can you clarify - are you talking about holding your breath/zoom when using iron sights?! Or are you talking about adjusting the range of a scope?