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  1. Mr.Orange

    Map Selection

    Because it doesn't. They're trying to put 100 people together in one match...sometimes you'll get the same map a few times in a row. It's RNG - literally what PUBG is all about.
  2. Mr.Orange

    Map Selection

    I really don't want to come across as an a** here but...what is the purpose of this thread? This option is coming at the end of summer/fall. So what exactly is your intended purpose with this thread?
  3. Mobile was built from scratch.
  4. That make you his Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?
  5. Let's be honest, it really isn't a pain to do a fresh install. Nor is it a pain to restart the game every few matches. Nor is it a pain to do a hard reset on one's console daily. Speaking for myself, the game runs smoothly. I haven't had a crash after 2hrs of gaming. No hard reset, no restarting the game.
  6. Mr.Orange

    Can I delete Miramar?

    The itchy spots stopped itching?
  7. Mr.Orange

    Can I delete Miramar?

    This is the Xbox forum bud
  8. Mr.Orange

    Can I delete Miramar?

    So you can come here to complain of course.
  9. Mr.Orange


  10. Mr.Orange


    In fairness the cover art for PUBG has "GAME PREVIEW" written at the top of it and people STILL complain they thought this was a full game, no bugs, etc... People don't read