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  1. no, there is a bug where if you sit on a bouncing bike it flips over and kills you, my friend was telling me today, and i remembered this post, its a bug for sure. Maybe its not the same thing but there are a few things wrong with the bike
  2. Silmarillis

    3 Controller Bugs (PC) With Video

    I get type A bugs with bolt actions all the time, and some other guns too, you guys must be real lucky not to get ADS bugs but it happens on both types
  3. Silmarillis

    'Fix the game' List of bugs I Would Like Fixing

    Yes I agree de sync and lag, but it should be maintained and checked every couple of weeks its something routine that they need to do
  4. Silmarillis

    Ping/Marking Feature

    often when playing I ask people to mark the map to be sure what they are communicating the minimap and the big map should be used more, I understand the need for a fast marker icon and for language barriers but the marker they applied and removed rightly needs more work
  5. I am curious out of all the people who play pubg, on PC how many actually play the test server and report bugs? I think that maybe its 25% of players? and specifically NA and AS region majority... So i would imagine that the bug reports list doesnt get overly used compared to the general discussions, and even though there are a lot of false bug reports about things that people need explaining or need help with, there are probably still enough bugs being reported so I dont know why the admins deem so many bugs reports not worthy of replies or fast fixes before things are pushed to live server. I feel like they deem too many things to be unworthy of fixing because they dont believe that many people get the bugs, but in reality its only because so many people dont play test server
  6. Silmarillis

    2 core processor lobby frozen

    tons of bugs make it to live every time the do these patches I report all the time and still see them pushed over, at least they say they have fixed this new one...
  7. Silmarillis

    'Fix the game' List of bugs I Would Like Fixing

    I would also like to point out the the sound bug where you cant hear people coming behind you is top of the list of things to fix
  8. Silmarillis

    Worse fps after the update?

    make sure you have your fps capped to your monitor it will give a stable fps rate at the very least, check your settings for the new additional options and see if changing them makes a difference
  9. Silmarillis

    the sharpen setting

    do you have 144 hz monitor? or more? I have one and cant see any difference at all. I presume it benefits other people who dont have one?
  10. Silmarillis

    Ping/Marking Feature

    This marker feature was a really bad idea from the start. It completely lowers the skill ceiling, communication in these types of games is what makes people and teams win chicken dinners, if you just have 2 idiots in a squad game who dont talk and only shoot people whilst the other half of the team dont know whats going on that team will die so easily. The communication is key to winning games, with this new marker it removes so much communication. Also your eyes can only look at so many different things at the same time, your ears are another form of sense that your body uses to communicate, you should make use of both sight and sound to win games not only sight. I know you can still do this with the marker but many people will not. They might as well have battlefield player marking icons its basically the same thing, the only difference is it doesn't land directly on the player you have to manually assign it. Totally removes so much from the game by adding it.
  11. Silmarillis

    New Snake Suit vs Ghillie Suit

    the G suit is by far the better
  12. I posted a lot of the fixes in the bug fix page. Dont get confused with fixing the game, compared to improving or changing the game. There are bugs that need repairing, but there is plenty of room for improvements too. Sound is a big one yes but altering the game for circles loot and other small details need to be put on hold, the bugs are more important because they are already broken, they dont need to change and add more things because its just increasing the workload for them, they need to concentrate on things that already exist that dont work as intended, for example you mention the sound. Also item dropping that fall through objects and arnt available to be picked up again, these are the types of bugs that need to be addressed first. As well as a whole bunch of others
  13. Silmarillis

    Snow map? Large or small?

    I would say there is enough. So far we have: Desert, Jungle and an Island. We could have: Mountain/glacier, Forest, Snow/Arctic, City, swamps, any place in the world...
  14. Silmarillis

    Dropped Items Cant Be Picked Up Bug

    I just dropped a silencer for a friend in a duo game in my last game, and it bugged out and wasnt able to be picked back up, this happens in all sorts of places, rocks beds floorboards tyres... As you can see in the picture there is no pick up indicator and it doesnt appear in the tab loot inventory. I know this is probably been reported before but with you new commitment to bug fixes I want to make sure you are upto date with the bugs