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  1. Silmarillis

    Cant Revive Bug 0.0%

    So many other big bugs that they arnt fixing either been weeks and weeks. If they made an effort to fix all the bugs this game would be flying
  2. Silmarillis

    Cant Revive Bug 0.0%

    Here is your footage
  3. I get like 80% or 90% miramar its disgusting
  4. Silmarillis

    Saved by scope?

    looks like 2.5 - 3 M max
  5. Silmarillis

    3 Controller Bugs (PC) With Video

    Blue balls when are you going to fix these issues, you guys are full of shit, and shit devs, your a major disapointment and you deserve every bit of loss of players as you are getting for exactly the reason of not fixing bugs that are reported before updates, that you then ship live with problems
  6. Silmarillis

    Running Man

    Sometimes it is annoying that people cant just run away from a fight on 10% hp if there is enough cover and they are faster to sprint.
  7. Silmarillis

    Building new rig, need advice

    I got this monitor https://www.amazon.es/dp/B06XJ23BRN/ref=asc_df_B06XJ23BRN53918304/?tag=googshopes-21&creative=24538&creativeASIN=B06XJ23BRN&linkCode=df0&hvdev=c&hvnetw=g&hvqmt= It helps loads but still the coding for pubg is bad
  8. Silmarillis

    Building new rig, need advice

    Ok, take this into account, no matter your rig, pubg will run badly. You need like 300mb/s internet and top end gpu and processor, and 16+ GB ram to play this game at a good standard. With minimal lag fps drops etc etc, but its pubg so you will probably still get it. IF you really want to build a new rig build it for another game, BF5 for example
  9. Silmarillis


    Like everyone else, im hoping this is true, and they do fit things, but I remember the last time they made a statement and didnt really do anything different
  10. Silmarillis

    Patch notes... WHAT ABOUT others

    Also what about all the other bugs to controller users on pc that have been posted countless times, I bet you dont bother fixing any of them!
  11. Fixed an issue with the wrong 4x scope (ACOG) reticle was used on the SLR. A cross type reticle is now used, instead of the chevron. WHAT ABOUT THE ACOG ON THE MINI 14, its a DMR........ With an ACOG
  12. All i see day in day out is complaints, bugs and other things. Then from bluehole all i see are advertisements and bs posts about tourneys. Nothing to address the problems or the players
  13. Silmarillis

    Chinese Bots flooding NA servers

    I watched a stream last night of liquid blitz and he slowed the replay down after he got shot behind a wall, and it was clearly obvious the guy was behind a wall fully and his bullet killed him through the wall
  14. Silmarillis


    this is on xbox or pc? I use controller on pc and since small patch on the test server before they released the Sanhok patch they changed tons of things for controller users and added so many bugs. Delayed reload is one of them, if you are picking up a weapon the X button doesnt register until after the animation of picking up or swapping is completed.