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  1. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Haha it's all good man. Add me if you want! We would absolutely shred the fuck out of kids. gt: Jacque A Loo
  2. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Not going to do that because I wasnt talking to you haha. Nice try though brotha. Are you the OP? Or am I missing something?
  3. Jacque A Loo

    Idea about changes to cars etc in game.

    Improve your accuracy and you will soon be melting every dude who rolls by you
  4. Jacque A Loo

    Ragnarok Arena

    I know right!? They must be the ones who don't have any friends to play with because they're bad at the game so they come here to be an asshole to everyone who slowly but surely seem to be learning about the toxicity of the forums which further antagonizes people like you and I to get pissed off at their dumb off topic nonsense. Am I right?
  5. Jacque A Loo

    Re-Roll mission?

    If there's a mission you would prefer to skip, you can re-roll for an entirely different mission to take its place but if you already completed all 3 daily missions, you are unable to do so because you're only allowed to complete 3 daily missions per day.
  6. Jacque A Loo

    Some things I'd like in the training mode map

    Try keeping RT held down when you fire down range. It should stay scoped in as long as it's held down and you will see your bullet trajectory clear as day
  7. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    Okay dad
  8. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    Well in that case I'm done here. That wasn't an explanation exclusively for you either so don't take it the wrong way. Definitely needed to be said if people who are unaware of the ump+light grip 'bug' are misunderstanding me when I'm calling that stupidly broken and overpowered gun a 'noob tube' which is exactly what it is in its current state. Obviously some people are too sensitive and quick to assume for me to even begin to care about what they think I'm trying to say. I'm starting to question why I even wasted my time with someone who can't take a message the way it was intended. I don't have too much patience when it comes to repeating myself to people who can't do a bit of research for themselves before they just think they can tell me I'm full of shit. I didn't really miss anything by the way except for the fact that people might actually take my first few posts the wrong way ?? guess they didn't try it out before telling me it wasn't true. Such a great community.
  9. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    I see your point and it has no correlation to the context I'm using the term noob tube in if you even read anything I said after I called the ump a noob tube. If you're on a certain video game forum with no knowledge of certain aspects of other video games such as a noob tube, I will gladly explain (like I did) but as soon as people start showing me how ignorant they are, I'll stop being the nice guy(like I did). Your rather invalid point isn't any less invalid towards what I had already explained so nice try telling me I missed it. I think you missed it actually. I honestly don't care if others missed it. If I hot drop and pick up an ump because it's the only gun I see I'm almost guaranteed a couple kills because it's stupidly broken and op with a lightweight grip or not. Just the way the game is right now. It's basically like landing on an RPG in fortnite. You'll never even know if a skilled player kills you with it or not because it's so overpowered right now. Maybe you haven't tried it recently. I don't think you'd disagree if you're decent at the game. I shouldn't have to explain myself to you guys. It seems like you didn't read any of my earlier posts where I was explaining how the ump with a lightweight grip is a lazer beam. The devs actually have a post where they said they meant for it to be that way but there's a more recent one saying that they have plans on changing the way the grip has an effect on the gun due to complaints from players like me who don't have patience when dying constantly to non skilled players using that exact setup. It gives you pinpoint accuracy without needing any adjusting for recoil because there is literally none, and now they buffed the damage a while ago so what does that tell you!? If you're a noob it's your best friend and if you're a good player it will make you godly. I don't care if you're a noob and I never called anyone a noob either which you both seem to think I did and I find that a bit hilarious but I'm terribly sorry if I made either of you feel like a noob for even using the word noob on a video game forum. ?
  10. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    Yeah makes sense right? Because in a game with random loot spawns it definitely means everyone who grabs an ump is a noob right? Please make a valid point or gtfo
  11. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    LOL get outta here with that. I use the ump if it's all I can find. Does that make me a noob? No. To each their own
  12. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    I called the ump a noob tube which is a grenade launcher or RPG in every other first person shooter in case you were unaware. I'm making the comparison because it's easy af to get kills with grenade launchers in cod just like ump kills in pubg. Good job accusing and going full sass on me for no reason though bud. Appreciate it
  13. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    LOL I was giving him a suggestion on which gun to use since maybe you're unaware of the ump being stupidly overpowered and even more broken with a lightweight grip, meaning even my little sister could use it with a goddamn blindfold on. Calm your tits. Also try spraying with a 3x on any fully kitted AR and you will never use the ump again
  14. Jacque A Loo


    Lmaoo yes you know. He's in the window in the building. Right there in front of me. Oof he downed me. Rez me plz, GRENADE shit I'm dead guys good luck on the dinner plz carry me
  15. Jacque A Loo

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    Try ump + 6x scope and lightweight grip and tell me that's not the 4th most scary thing to be shot by. Add a suppresor and it's basically a vss on steroids