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  1. Gilgamesh

    Pubg Survival Series League

    Bump. PUBG Survival Series League Tournament is starting soon tonight. 7 pm central time. Watch the stream at https://mixer.com/Ryttila/
  2. Gilgamesh

    Pubg Survival Series League

    Bump. Spots are filling up fast.
  3. Gilgamesh

    Pubg Survival Series League

    New members and teams are slowing growing. There's no reason to avoid joining because of the Facebook group. We have a closed group. We do not tolerate toxic behavior. Feel free to join. Search "PUBG Survival series" on Facebook and request to join. Or use our Discord. https://discord.gg/G5dBZ8m
  4. Gilgamesh

    What's your Survival Level?

    There is no max level. But once you get all 14 crate items, you've basically completed it. Same for me as well, got 2 crate items. Miramar jacket and pants.
  5. Gilgamesh

    What's your Survival Level?

    I'm level 18. I've realized there's no point going try hard to finish your missions. It's only worth it for the Bp. Overall the crate items are nothing special. Level 1 helmet is what you want.
  6. Gilgamesh

    Who else plays Sanhok only?

    Sanhok only for me. Since the loot on Erangel blows and Miramar sucks.
  7. Gilgamesh

    Survivor levels

    I'm level 17 and only received 2 crates with items. The rest were 500 to 700 bp. No 1000 bp reward yet for me.
  8. Gilgamesh

    Pubg Survival Series League

    Thanks. I'll speak with the admin.
  9. Gilgamesh

    Pubg Survival Series League

    Start date is To Be Decided. We want to start within the next week. Targeting Sunday's. Saturdays or both are also possible. Feel free to suggest ideas.
  10. Pubg Survival Series League needs more players for the upcoming season. Open to North America players only. The league is free to play and will have prizes. Season 1 will be Duos. You pick your Duo partner. Request to join. Submit your team to the group admin. Start date is unannounced but fast approaching once appropriate amount of teams is achieved. Facebook is needed to join. Search “Pubg Survival Series” or the link below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2045658439029486/
  11. Gilgamesh

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    @PUBG_Andymh5 Three part question. 1. How many different permanent unlocks are there in the new supply system? 2. Is there a difference in rarity between the random additional unlock and the one every 10 levels? (the importance of each unlock) 3. Is it possible to get the same permanent unlock more than once?
  12. I hope they kill and stop supporting this version quickly. It's a lost cause. They're wasting time and resources. Pubg 2 needs to start development now, with a new engine. We all got to face reality, they can't or are unwilling to fix the game.
  13. Gilgamesh

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    @PUBG_Andymh5 How many levels are in the new supply system?
  14. Gilgamesh

    Tear it all down.....

    Best thread in months. I fully agree. The games current state is an obvious lost cause. Its time to start over. Better soon than later. #MakePubgGreatAgain @Bluehole. @PUBG_Andymh5 @PUBG_Lumos@PUBG_OreoreeMake the announcement. We'll all be far happier and not surprised.
  15. I call pure BS, Bluehole could care less about cheaters. They have other problems to focus on.