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    External SSD help

    Many of you might be seeing posts on how using an external SSD drive will help to give pubg instant rendering on drop and super fast load in times. If you haven’t seen anything about using an SSD drive for pubg then go onto YouTube and search “Xbox pubg ssd compare) Below Is a guide for when (not if) you get one on setting it up. Plug in via USB; you can do this with the Xbox on and it will automatically prompt you with a box asking how you would like to set up your storage (Media or Storage) and name it. You'll have to select the Format Storage Device button. It will then allow you to name it. The Xbox will ask if you want new games or apps to install on the internal or external. It won't take long to format the SSD. You can go into your My Games and Apps tab and cursor to PUBG. When you press the expanded select button for PUBG properties, you can select Manage Game. From there you can Copy it to your external.   When you update PUBG, do it as you normally would. The Xbox will handle it all and update the proper location with no worry.