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  1. Played a solo game on mirimar, circle ended in Los Leones, got amazing loot, made it to last circle and killed 4 dudes, then there was 2 alive including myself, looked around and no one else was there and died from circle.... was pissed off A.F. i was like WTF. got a little video for it... 20180611_213051.mp4
  2. jerrbearbruh

    bugged through roof and died!!!!

    this is the video i took from my xbox this is what happened... 20180611_212009.mp4
  3. well dropping in from plane on miramar map i landed on roof and started to loot only had a 9mm pistol proceded to go a level lower and went to jump over railing. well jumping over railing i fell through the building and landed in water and died i took a video from my xbox gonna try and send it with this. i landed on the building on top of villa de la cruz where my yellow marker is at in the screen shot. havent been able to look for bug again i have the xbox one elite edition and i got it wired to my router