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  1. Are you zueiro dude? Manda braza ai
  2. The problem is the number of players. If the problem is players, just one mode always would be full. What do you think? Is about money? Minha rola no teu cu
  3. hello Blue hole. All the mode of game ( solo, duo, squad, fpp and tpp) really needs a lot of players. But, just squad Tpp ALWAYS WOULD BE FULL. If you come here to say that only this mode wouldn't have players enough, I will realized how amateur and no professional is this company. JUST SQUAD TPP ON SA. If some moderator come here to repeat the same poor and lazy answers, you don't need to comment. Can you Explain JUST THE MODE SQUAD TPP?
  4. That's! The best solution is remove the game. Bye
  5. Aqui no brasil a gente não precisa disso, meu pai tem dois empregos
  6. É verdade que quem ta progamando ai o jogo bate punheta olhando o fiofó no espelho?
  7. Quanto a ausência de servidor e a ridicularidade desse jogo meia boca, espero que se tome vergonha na cara e va trabalhar pq o microfone para mim é tudo, falou irmao?! Eu nao falo com bandeirantes nao. Aa, morre diabo. Na realidade só to afim de relaxar e procurar a peça que falta aqui. Mas é isso, fica aqui o recado do irineu. E blue hole vai tomar nk Centro da goiaba
  8. Blue hole pegue a chimboka do meu bedegueba e adentre todinho dentro de seu fiofó empresinha pão com ovo
  9. Vai toma no cu blue hole
  10. Portel4sinistro

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Horrible. Blue hole fix 1 thing and make others 10 things worse. 1 year of the game and we still are in this ridiculous conditions. It's a shame, for us and for this ' big company'
  11. If you don't have conditions to do a good game, patch. PLEASE, It's time to rethink about your company. All the actions, patchd's.. everything just make the game worse. I love the game, but we need to be honest, you don't have conditions to do a good game. You don't have e good communication with your costumers, look that, we need to wait one day on week to see some ' lyrics'. Guys, come on. No one deserve this relationship. I love PUBG, but for me, it's unplayable. See you PUBG
  12. This is a bad issue that makes you die in most of the cities. You are the first on the ground but you simply die because the gun doesn't rendering. Blue hole, are you going to fix it?