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  1. After this update, most of the community is on forum. Netcode, bugs, rendering, hitkill, lag.... WHERE ARE THE DEVS? ARE ON HOLIDAY? because a community that has more than 5 millions players can't to be so frustrated, just because the devs don't care with us. WE CANT TO WAIT TO FRIDAY JUST TO READ: our team is working. Respect the players and give answers, we don't deserve this friendship
  2. Portel4sinistro

    This PTS is just desync city..

    That's exactly what makes me stop to play pts. I hope it doesn't come to the official game
  3. Portel4sinistro

    American server. HITKILL.

    Did the update get worse the netcode if you are not in America ? I haven't had this problem, it was normal. 5328d821-f705-49d4-a3ac-8c9b81537c99 (1).mp4
  4. All the new things on the game are perfect. the rendering, the scoped, everything is very good. But after the update, if you are not American, you die very fast. If a man look for you, you don't have time to shoot back. A incredible hitkill. I am Brazilian, I play it for a long time, I have more than 5k kill and a simply can't have a gun fight because i die with hitkill.
  5. Portel4sinistro

    Healing while in vehicles

    Exactly. Devs should do it. I'm sure that isn't a hard thing to fix. I hope they do it.
  6. Portel4sinistro

    Love Miramar

    The best loot. Sniper, AR... You always will have a cover. There isn't open field, like erangel. On erangel most of the times, you are going to die, simply because you don't have a cover. The best map. Who doesn't like this map is because never gave a opportunity to the map. Like you said, 'the best map' After the last update, the rendering process is to much better
  7. Não vai ter server br irmão, infelizmente. Não ha previsao
  8. Portel4sinistro

    Good work devs

    The same for me. If the devs are seeing this comment: good work guys. Day after day, the game is getting better. For me, the game is ready to be official. I play on Xbox OG.
  9. Its horrible the loot on erangel. No gun, ammo. And I'm not talking about all the place in the game, because the best places to lot is horrible too. Miramar has problems, but lot is perfect. Erangel you need to spend a lot of time to find a all and if u want to find a m4 or k98, is pratiquely impossible.
  10. Some people say that it doesn't make difference, while other say it works.
  11. Portel4sinistro


    Can the vertical sensibility helps to control the recoil?
  12. Portel4sinistro

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    It doesnt need words. 5acf6942-3239-47e7-8f4d-1f21bab42d36.mp4
  13. Portel4sinistro

    What do i need to do for kill 20 enemies?

    I used to go to the edge of the circle and kill the guys coming to safe. But in my opinion, about kill, its absolutely question of lucky. If you kill 10 enemies, you have condition to kill 20. But is all about lucky.
  14. I usually kill 10, 12 enemies, my record is 15. The guys that are on top, could you help me ?