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  1. TheTechGenius

    Added recoil to ARs

    I just checked the PC section of this forum, and it seems that the console section is full of people complaining about Recoil, Mirimar, OP UMP, etc... Why is it that console players only complain when they loose? You should play with the gun more, to learn how to control the recoil, just like people in real life.
  2. The PUBG Forum can easily be added to Tapatalk, since this forum is using IPB Forum Software. I'm just wondering why they haven't installed Tapatalk yet? It would be so much easier to access the forum when on mobile devices. Most of the user traffic on forums come from mobile devices anyway. I know all this because I ran a forum for a very long time, years and years. Tapatalk only takes maybe 15 minutes to install and configure, and it's completly free for the Forum owner and the users. So there is really no reason not to install tapatalk to be honest.
  3. I agree with most of what you said. I am a gamer, I play on ALL platforms, PC, Xbox One, PS4, WiiU, Switch, Xbox 360, PS3, etc.... Microsoft already said they will never not support Mouse and Keyboard. That it's up to the developer to include Mouse and Keyboard support. And since people are going to use mouse and keyboard on console anyway, why not give them thier own server to play on? I have nothing against mouse and keyboard users to be honest, it's a personal preference to be honest. Just like if a person has been a console player all his life and goes to PC, he's going to mostly use a controller on PC, because that's what he's use to. The opposite is true for people that been mostly a PC player for most of thier life. A PC player buys an Xbox One, and use a keyboard and mouse for any competitive online shooters, because thats what they are use to. So if people are going to use a mouse and keyboard anyway, there is nothing the devs can do about it, because no matter what anyone says, legally and officially, it's NOT actually cheating. You know what is cheating? People with rapid fire Xbox One controllers that turn an SKS into full auto. How about OG Xbox One players without an SSD? They have a HUGE disadvantage over the Xbox One X and SSD players, especially when dropping hot. That's where I get killed most of the time when I drop hot, because buildings don't load, or weapons, for almost a whole minute. By that time, Xbox one X and SSD players already have 2 weapons and armor. So with that being said, if the devs cannot stop keyboard and mouse players on Xbox, why not give them thier own servers to play on? Fornite actually officially supports keyboard and mouse. And no one complains over there. It seems PUBG on Xbox is full of people complaining because they always get killed in the game, and blame it on everything but themselves. I hate Fortnite, not because I'm a PUBG fanboy, because I'm not, it's just not my kind of game, I don't like the style they chose. But I might move over there anyway, this community is becoming more and more toxic by the day. And this post is not directed toward the OP personally, it's just in general. Thank you, TheTechGenius
  4. TheTechGenius

    Cheap SSD's

    And you are? Gaming started with PC, PC gaming takes huge leaps forward every year, what console players pay for every month/year, PC gamers get for free. Not to mention the near infinite library of games to choose from on PC. We can still play games that are over 20 years old on PC. So let me ask you this, what makes a "gamer"? Because the only ones that seem to make the same statements as me, are PC gamers coming to the Xbox one. Maybe it's because console players are use to having below average standards when it comes to quality of games, and getting nickel and dimed at every corner?
  5. TheTechGenius

    Cheap SSD's

    https://www.pcgamesn.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds/pubg-revenue-2017 When you count a game's revenue, you have to count across all platforms, because it all goes to the same company. You also have to take into account the microtransactions, which doesn't cost the company a dime, and goes straight into thier pockets.
  6. TheTechGenius

    Cheap SSD's

    Adapting to console? Like paying for an Alpha version of a game, an unfinished game that is barely in a playable state? There are thousands of Indy games on PC in alpha, and most of them are very stable. BlueHole made over 750 million USD on pubg so far. And it's still not stable, not even a little. What would happen if Activision or EA would put out a game this unstable? gamers from both sides would be extremely mad, and would result in low game sales. I remember when a Batman game released on PC unstable like pubg, the gamers were so angry, they took to the comment section on Steam, and then Valve removed the Batman game from Steam completly, until the devs fixed the issues. That's the difference with PC gaming, we don't take no shit from companies that try to get over on us. No to mention, PUBG is in its full released state on PC.
  7. TheTechGenius

    Cheap SSD's

    You just need to buy an internal SSD, then buy the USB enclosure. If you buy an external SSD, it will be even more money. I have a few SSDs laying around, from my gaming PC. But I'm not putting them on my Xbox. I shouldnt have to. Instead, Xbox One X Users have an in game advantage. So I stopped playing PUBG until the official game releases. This is why preview games should never be any where near Consoles.
  8. I just hope they also raise the vaulting speed, it's set extremely low for some reason.
  9. TheTechGenius

    New Scopes

    GTA5 is different. The only people that still play GTA Online are the fan boys, and there are a lot of them. The people that call other people names for just criticising the game. GTA Online is not even GTA5 anymore. It is it's own game. GTA Online is the reason that these greedy publishers want online services that they can have a steady income, to suck the gamers dry. When I went into GTA Online the first time, I seen that every in game item was insanely high in price of in game money. Just so they can force you into buying shark cards. That's greed. When I seen that, I stopped playing and never went online again. You know it's greed when they come out with content for Online, but not single player. You have to play on PC with 3rd party mods to get that content in single player. Because they are not officially supported. I don't know how people continue to play GTA Online. I can see people still playing single player on PC with mods. I still play Skyrim on PC, with over a hundred mods.
  10. TheTechGenius

    New Scopes

    Games don't need micro-transactions to have continued development. Pubg made over 750 Million Dollars in sales alone, thats more then enough for the continued development for the lifespan of pubg. No game lives forever. Look at Battlefront 2, it had so many microtransactions, gamers didn't even buy the base game and so it was a failure in the eyes of EA. Would you rather gamers not buy the game at all? Because that's what they risk when publishers put microtransactions in thier games. I can see if the game was free to play, they have to make thier money somehow. But a paid game? No. Remember, microtransactions started in the mobile market, now look at mobile market, it became a joke in the gaming industry.
  11. TheTechGenius

    New Scopes

    It's awesome. They are slowly giving us all the stuff that's on PC. Just as long as they keep adding things to the game, and working on the performance, im happy, and I will keep playing. But as soon as they put microtransactions in the game that gives players an advantage over players that didn't buy microtrasactions, I will instantly stop playing. Cosmetics is one thing, I don't like any microtransactions, but I can tolerate cosmetic microtransactions, since no one can spend more money to gain an advantage. I would like to see some weapon skins.
  12. TheTechGenius

    Internet and PUBG improved gameplay.

    Yeah, 2.4gz is VERY unstable for online gaming, especially if you have other wireless devices around that interfere with the signal. If you go wireless for gaming, please choose a router that has a 5Ghz band.
  13. TheTechGenius

    New map Sanok

    Yeah, that's what I mean. I don't think Xbox has a public test server, does it? If not, they probably test it on PC then move it to Xbox when it's finished. I'm sure they have to lower the quality of the map and things like that before they move it to Xbox though.
  14. TheTechGenius

    Still Should add proximity chat.

    I think Proximity Chat in Solo's would be cool, because since your not playing with a team, you can't talk to anyone. So it would be cool if you can trash talk to someone that your having a firefight with. Lol. It's not a really important feature, and there could be an option in settings to turn it off. I'm not talking about Duo's or Squads either, just solo's.
  15. TheTechGenius

    Hate Miramar

    I just wish there was more cover in the fields. But there are more important issues then the map. Like the delay loading of buildings, de-sync, better tickrate, etc... The point is, getting the game to perform better should be top priority, over everything else. Then after the game is performing as it should, then they should fix the map, and add new features and content.