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  1. adjit8er

    Update #18

    How big is Update #18? Thankyou.
  2. adjit8er

    Pts update?

    xbox store definitely not down...
  3. why don't you check the page out and figure out the kind of traffic i bring into these forums regarding bugs etc 🤔
  4. couldn't care less about this...game needs to be fixed first. Since last update it's been unplayable. As a avid player and admin of the pubg facebook group of 45k... i'm done.
  5. last time i did that my controller internal fried 😕, so prefer interchangeable ones now.
  6. is there anyway the devs could alleviate this monstrosity?, as i'm spectating i'd love to preserve battery life on my controller have my control turned off and still be able to spectate my team or the others in spectate mode. This is litterally my only complaint about the game 😂😂. Thankyou.