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  1. This happens for me on Solo, duo and squad. During the process of being loaded into the map to wait for the plane is when this happens. It happens for me at least 5 times every night. I have fast download and upload so it definitely points to a server trying to balance out the players.
  2. My network settings ping 5ms, download 400mbps and upload 220mbps. How do I get network lagged out of the game. Fix your servers PUBG, there are so many third party library tools out there to help with gaming with connections to have a flawless game. This game is very broken and has so many issues if details would have been payed attention to in the beginning it would be much better. I've been receiving alot of disconnections from host when my download speed is well over 700mbps and upload well over 450mbps.
  3. Import1985

    Getting shot through rocks

    But that's not the point, other person is able to shoot through the rock. Yes a missed rounds but still don't get how that person can shoot through the rock.
  4. Why are the 3d objects so many polygons like rocks, walls etc. I hit this enemy in the face with an ump but I get killed through a rock which makes no sense. It should be a barrier many times my weapon is above a wall or broken area on a wall, and engage an enemy my rounds got the wall or rock. Not this enemy, fix the 3d objects. Uploading the video. 10-4-2018_9-48-30_PM.mp4
  5. What is the point of having an Xbox One X. Everything used to load quickly, see players pop their parachutes and land. Now they slowed it down so many times I land or before I look for players near me and they don't load in being 100 to 150 meters away.
  6. I have Astro A50 headsets. Why is it sometimes people running behind me or crouch walking is completely silent it makes no sense. Everyone rings barefooted to not be as loud as shoes but it shouldn't be silent.
  7. Import1985

    Achievements on Xbox are not unlocking

    I finally got Pacificst after like 12 times trying. The Ghost I've had all three weapon slots silenced at least five times still locked.
  8. I have received countless Raider Crates and have yet to unlock: silver scar, all turquoise skins or gold plated S686. I've received countless rugged repeats can't it be implemented once you receive a skin it's taken out of the randomizer.
  9. Import1985

    M4 switches from Auto to Single

    I can easily replicate issue. I will try to capture a video of this tonight but this issue is common with all single and auto configuration weapons. I've even had it happen with the AK.
  10. I have the M4 set on auto I switch to my secondary main weapon and reload it then switch back the M4 is set to single. Please fix this.
  11. I just finished 7th on Solo with no kills did not unlock Pacificst achievement. Attaching pictures.