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  1. Just switched on and got into EU FPP first time! Maybe they have fixed it...? However, right stick drift has returned
  2. I (think) I've managed to fix my right stick drift issue by doing a firmware update on the controller. Seems to have worked so far.... Just hope this might help someone else
  3. I've had this too - but not just drift, but as if I've actually moved the stick...(inverted Y-axis so constantly looks down - but up on map view) Have adjusted dead zone (now at 50) - it slows it but that seems to be all. This happens every 10 to 20 seconds though. Guess it's time to get a new controller....but I don't want to as it only seems to happen on PUBG
  4. Marchy

    Excessive queue time's

    Your Timezone: BST (British Summer Time = GMT+1) What time are you experiencing these issues 19:43 Which servers are you connecting to: Europe Not managed to get a single Europe game for about a week now