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  1. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Lazy Development

    you can do pretty much everything you asked for in certain modes... maybe you should check out some tutorial vids on youtube
  2. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Explain this

    from the replay it looks like about ~3 seconds of lag/desync - would also explain why he doesn't actually shoot you in the kill cam - he has just been battling with RuThleSsKiLLa and has to heal behind the rock - leaves cover when you are peaking and headshots you with the Kar98 - maybe? One possible explanation from someone who is used to having to play with massive variance in pings
  3. n01s14m0r4g4zz3


    #1 jumping out of the left side of the plane leaves you pointing at the front of the plane instead of where you were pointing when you jumped #2 chat works in pre-game lobby but stops working at some point between lobby and end of the game - all or team only - tried switching to none for a match and still no chat #3 wasn't there supposed to be makeup (joker and harley)? #4 not a bug but a question about test servers - it appears that we were connecting to SEA? Are test server instances now available everywhere? ie OC? If so thats awesome. Just asking because before the patch to remove region selection there were only servers at AS and NA? #5 Also not a bug - when the "live" servers are active the only mode you seem to be able to use on the test servers is training mode because of the lack of players. Is it possible to reduce the number required to start a match instance so we can use the test servers with a lower number of participants? Cheers
  4. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    Kick high pings before game starts?

    Apparently OCE only has 2 players (me and my flatmate) not 20 so we go to SEA every time... we used to enjoy trips to the USA every now and then but I think PUBG saw us like the caravan and won't let us cross the border anymore 🙄
  5. I think you have a point... but in reality its a matter of a lack of design and logic thats missing throughout this development teams approach. For example, the bug where when you first start the game and enter the pre-game lobby, you are stuck at the connecting screen and have to click on something to show your character. The order in which things have been processed in getting to the character screen is broken. Next there are time limited skins/clothes that are in your lobby and whether you are wearing them or not, the game renders you naked while it checks to see if what you were wearing is still valid or not. You must remove an item and reapply it to be dressed again. Surely those checks should occur before you make it into the pre-game lobby? Then there is the statistics screen that defaults to TTP even if you have never played TPP. Have you ever noticed how buggy that area is? Clicking the leaderboard section can be like playing lotto... switching between solo/duo/squad often shows the wrong info ie solo data on squad page... or no results at all. The pre-game lobby is so broken its embarrassing and really its not hard to see that if there is a "team" dedicated to this tiny part of the game, they have no direction or perhaps a lack of a cohesive design or lack of basic programming skill or all the above and more.
  6. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    *Sick* of quiting pregame @ 250ms+ !!!

    Yeah totally!!! I average 20ms ping from NZ plus absolutely no cheaters or spam. The only downside is they are not always available and the ranking/dailys/weeklys thing but well worth having a go to see what the game is like with a decent ping
  7. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    *Sick* of quiting pregame @ 250ms+ !!!

    You asked about custom matches. There are discord groups based in OC running custom matches. There is also faceit running custom matches. They do not have prioritised access to the servers. They just have well organised groups that can develop the numbers to regularly play matches in OC. You can start custom games with as few as 10 people but none of the daily/weekly or ranking is earned.
  8. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    *Sick* of quiting pregame @ 250ms+ !!!

    try this https://www.faceit.com/en/hub/0f2b07fb-2dc9-4876-b1fb-bdaddee0dde0/PUBG Premier Squads
  9. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    About rank system.

    That's just bizarre ? Playing duos yesterday we had 1 game where we died at 20th by stupidly getting stuck between 2 teams and being melted. I lost 1 rank point (1652 down to 1651) Then had 6 games top 10 with a few 2nds and moved up to 1713... I have no idea how you could drop 2 whole ranks in one game - maybe the statistics UI glitched out... that whole area is so buggy it wouldn't be surprising
  10. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    About rank system.

    I'm ranked diamond in duos after 19 games with 5 kills and diamond in squads after 33 games with 3 kills The ranking system means nothing atm. IMO you should get more RP for killing because people have to die for someone to win. If its only about surviving, why not take all the weapons out of the game and let people die to the blue and stupid vehicle stunts and bugs BTW its not like my stats support this idea... I just appreciate the skill it takes to kill lots of people on a regular basis.
  11. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    About rank system.

    Maybe they are looking to git gud and so win eventually?
  12. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    About rank system.

  13. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    I'd pay 200$ for a PUBG for Casuals

    Watch wackyjacky get GrandMaster in no time with NO KILLS!!
  14. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    I'd pay 200$ for a PUBG for Casuals

    You don't have to kill people to move up just survive. I only have 12 solo games and are at platinum with only 1 top 10 and NO kills LOL... I hardly ever play solos except when the missions tell me to, but there's no skill required to level up in this game just keep trying!
  15. n01s14m0r4g4zz3

    OCE players deeply vindicated

    How can that be the explanation when before the hotfix OC players instantly got matches in OC (with OOR players sure) but now we instantly get matches OOR? So they applied the hotfix to every region EXCEPT ours? What I mean is, shouldn't the logic fire up an instance of a game in our region, rather than instantly send us OOR? And NO!!! I couldn't care less if we had players joining OC with 150 ms pings... Try playing when the ONLY servers you can get put you between 180-240 ms... just a waste of time I fired up the game at 5:45 this morning (NZST) to cash in on the apology giveaway and thought... "wonder what server I get sent to?", and yep, the instant I clicked "ready" I was sent to AS @ 180 ms. IMO this is a big fat fuck you to OC players who get trickled down a few instances every night for a few hours and the rest of the time its basically on standby with the plug pulled out.