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  1. Hai I'm new

  2. 120 Hours

    ikr Great game
  3. Is it trolling from the developers?

    Well, that's just a great spawn lol.
  4. 50/50 Gamemode

    Sounds cool would be a lot of fun to play with friends
  5. FPS and Performance

    I have a Evga 4gb 960 and I never have trouble with framerate it's usually around 50-60 high medium setting
  6. 120 Hours

    cool video so far I have 110 hours
  7. Favourite assault rifle

    AKM with a 8x scope high damage op
  8. 1AD7

    Cool video welcome to the forums
  9. 5 Advanced Vehicle Tips

    Nice video all cars facing east will help a lot when trying to see if it was natural spawn.

    Lol the same thing happened to me but I hit my teammate and downed him I wish I clipped that lol
  11. Patience is a Virtue in PUBG

    Nice win smart way of playing
  12. Hello i'm new-ish

    Hi I bought pubg when It first came out played it for about 30 hours then stopped for about a month or something like that and recently my friend avex then I started playing a lot I have won about 3-4 games since then and love the game and want to be involved in the game and community I am fairly active on other forums and I plan to be on this one.
  13. Greetings PUBG Players!

    Cx Welcome
  14. Do you shout abuse at your monitor when killed?

    I just think about how I could have won then I slowly turn off my computer.
  15. The naked doctor

    Pretty good timing