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  1. BadBatch5040

    Armor repair kit.

    Feel the burn..... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/gif/veneratedwildbovine
  2. BadBatch5040

    How many times do I have to die...

    The first position IS safe.... For the other guy.
  3. BadBatch5040

    Mid game rendering

    I am puzzled. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/60748901
  4. BadBatch5040

    18 Kills! (All Kills)

    Well done! Now can make a video from Scum. 18 craps(all crap) .
  5. BadBatch5040

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    The first trip was ok. Just had problems with the re spawn drops. thanks.
  6. BadBatch5040

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    The game game over extends on my tube tv and all I see is blue on my mini map. Died 3 times in the air by the zone looking for circle. Bummer. If we could have a game border that would be great.
  7. BadBatch5040

    Update for war mode?

    I tried it. People are annoying eating, farting, swalling snots. Fu.. Can't land after spawning just a bullet sponge. And I don't care for Spectating. And it really sounded like fun. Maybe solo war mode will be better for me.
  8. BadBatch5040


    Nor am I. The Islands are good for a rogue scrap or just some alone time weapon training.
  9. BadBatch5040


    Leave as is. +1 Mirimar. All day long.
  10. BadBatch5040

    Update for war mode?

    Me in War Mode...
  11. BadBatch5040

    Play FPP or TPP... Why?

    TPP. Using a controller I often get my nose against a wall trying to get thru a door or window.
  12. BadBatch5040

    Servers down?

    Just checked NA. 2nd try and I'm good.
  13. BadBatch5040

    Lots of bad ideas today

    I like it. Sadly, not enough buttons. Although, I have done it pressing B in a speeding car.
  14. BadBatch5040

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    I'm happy with the Elite. Waiting for one that has click indents (?) So my Y axis can be under better control. Essentially having to put in a little more effort to go vertical. Or perhaps touch pads.
  15. BadBatch5040

    The people who play this game...

    The guy in the corner might not of had a clear shot of your runaway and wouldn't move as not to mess up his aim. After all this time, My Y axis is still hard to control in a fight. Be nice if I could lock it and just go X.