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  1. BadBatch5040

    I guess it counts...

    Yea, kind of an empty feeling huh? Coulda just sat in a hut and played solitare.
  2. BadBatch5040

    The White outline

    Maybe it was a little to much. I feel that Item and Aim assist are not needed. I was Hoping that you were questioning the Mirimar safe zone outline which I can't see.
  3. BadBatch5040

    Daily missions broken

    I only play solo. but I just got one so I'm halfway there. I'm fumbling my way thru it. Should of had this one, but he got the 3 helmet on as I squeezed the trigger. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/63567835
  4. BadBatch5040

    Rate My Snipe

    This game just won't let me succeed. Always that 1 second I need. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/63567835 Got that helmet on as the bullet was on the way, that lucky s.o.b.
  5. BadBatch5040


    Same. its messing with my modem. One time all the lights went out then started flashing. Just now had to reset it as the channels were no longer bonded. Strange.
  6. BadBatch5040

    "We're pretty proud of our vehicle physics"

    The Benny Hill theme comes to mind.
  7. BadBatch5040

    Bad deaths

    Ha ha right? I dont like to spectate either but Im always pressing the Action button to get to the next game and end up getting pissed off that I'm now spectating. Not a good button choice from the devs. I'd rather have it in the menu button.
  8. That's not going to happen. Too old. I'm so slow, by the time i figure out what to, either I'm dead or the opportunity has passed. All I need is 1 more second.
  9. BadBatch5040

    Bad deaths

    Must be one of those days... Got blasted by corner peekaboom and then she ate her own grenade. It does ease the pain when they get silly.
  10. Bug Description: <Have been getting stuck on loot wearing the vintage biker helmet> Location: <Non specific> Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/badbatch5040/video/63470026 Xbox One Version: < Xbox One X> Connection: <Wired> Game Mode: <TPP - Solo>
  11. BadBatch5040

    Survivor levels

    Ha ha. Played it once. Landed on a two level on a Miramar beach front, got surrounded by a couple of dudes well packed. Me, nothing but a stun and smoke on my belt. It's the only game I remember like it was yesterday. That was back in June. lol
  12. BadBatch5040

    Daily missions broken

    Yep. Stuck on my 12 kills with an SR.
  13. BadBatch5040

    New level 1 helmet.

    Same. Most likely a temporary glitch.
  14. BadBatch5040

    Recent de-sync patch on pc ..

    Hopefully it will let me put my bullets where I want them to go.